D4 Features

FeatureD4 looks like the first game to be truly better with Kinect

The latest from Deadly Premonition's director is strange, surreal and utterly brilliant.

If you've played any of the original games of Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro and his Access studio before, you'll know they can have a tendency to be a little odd. That much was clear as far back as Spy Fiction, and it's a strangeness that's snowballed all the way up to Deadly Premonition, the deliciously bizarre facsimile of Twin Peaks that earned itself a much deserved cult following in the years following its release. D4, an Xbox One exclusive that's to be released episodically over an as yet undecided number of instalments, is something else though. It's a surreal, hilarious and often imaginative adventure game that takes the bizarre humour of Deadly Premonition to an extreme, and it's really all the better for it.