Cyberball 2072 (Live Arcade)

Cyberball 2072

Cyberball 2072

Part man. Part machine. Any cop?

With the 2007 NFL season lumbering into action last week Microsoft clearly saw the potential for some post-game impulse purchases on the ol' Live Arcade, as pumped-up frat boys staggered back to the dorm for some celebratory videogames and "brewskis". Hence, presumably, the arrival of this mostly forgotten American Football arcade game, which swaps steroid enhanced beefcakes for battling robots and the traditional pigskin for a bomb. Dude! It's, like, totally extreme!

(Punches the air while whooping and hollering)

(Shotguns six-pack of Miller Lite)

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XBLA sale this weekend

Plus next week's games.

Microsoft is having a little car boot sale to celebrate US Labour Day this weekend, meaning we'll all be able to download four Live Arcade games for half price.