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Watch: 11 minutes of Cuphead demo gameplay

VideoWatch: 11 minutes of Cuphead demo gameplay

Featuring platforming sections and boss battles.

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year in the UK and I chose that day to travel to London. It was sweaty, crowded and my train's air conditioning was bust, making the whole trip pretty tough. Still, on the plus side I did manage to capture a Snorlax in Euston Station.

But - to get back on track - do you know what else is tough? Cuphead. Cuphead is tough as old boots and it took me a fair few tries before I managed to best the first level of the demo I played.

In the video below you'll be able to watch gameplay taken directly from the demo build, but I've cleverly edited out all the retries and loading screens to give you MAXIMUM GAMEPLAY (which also helps to make me look less rubbish).

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