Cubis Creatures

App of the Day: Cubis Creatures

App of the Day: Cubis Creatures

Heavenly creatures.

A recent block-pushing puzzle games I played was Catherine, which also happened to be a psychosexual horror drama about a man tempted by a lithe, young seductress. Curiously, it parsed its tutorial out over the duration of the game. You never gained new powers and the rules remained the same, yet plenty of techniques were so obtuse that a little guidance was appreciated for us lost little lambs.

Cubis Creatures is another game about shifting blocks, and though it's aimed at a much younger audience with fluffy characters that resemble cousins of the Viva Piņata cast, it offers less instruction than Catherine on how to best navigate its deceptively complicated systems. It starts off easy enough, but don't let that fool you. The challenge swiftly increases, and by the midpoint it becomes the equivalent of an abusive father pushing their offspring into a lake to teach them to swim.

The game opens with a cute little amateur magician accidentally lulling his animal friends to sleep. Your goal is to awaken them by solving block puzzles inside their mouths (naturally).

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