CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Hard Evidence

Two years on and the Xbox 360 finally gets its first adventure game (of sorts). Pull the party poppers! Oh, but hang on, it's another CSI game. Aren't they the ones Ubisoft releases with a degree of stealth that would make Sam Fisher proud? To put it politely, these aren't games that the French publisher likes to shout about. Go on, try and find the reviews for the other three CSI games on Eurogamer. Oh.

But wait! This one's the first to hit the new wave of consoles and is also the first to benefit from the considerable development talents of Telltale Games - the team behind the much-admired Sam & Max Season 1. As point-and-click adventure aficionados will know all too well, it's a studio that knows a thing or two about making decent adventure games, not just from its recent episodic excursions, but also from its glorious days during LucasArts' golden age.

Based on the 'hit' CBS TV series, the title's a bit of a giveaway as far as the game is concerned. You, er, investigate crime scenes for the LVPD's CSI unit and try to nail the people responsible. In Hard Evidence there are five cases to solve one after the other, all set in Vegas, and all involving homicide.

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CSI for Wii, 360

Hard Evidence.

Ubisoft has announced that it's bringing CSI to Wii and 360 for the first time ever this autumn.

New CSI game in spring

Telltale offers Hard Evidence.

Ubisoft has announced that another game in its CSI: Crime Scene Investigation adventure series, called Hard Evidence, will be with PC owners in spring 2007.