Crysis Warhead News

The Star Citizen makers are being sued by Crytek

But dismiss it as "meritless" and will defend "vigorously".

Crytek breaks silence, closes multiple studios

"Undergoing such transitions is far from easy…"

Crytek once again in crisis

Staff suffer delayed wages, future of company in doubt.

Crytek discussed going MS first-party

Has "fallen in love" with Kinect.

Crysis 2 to unravel Crysis mysteries

Explains events, provides more information.

50 per cent off Crysis and Warhead

Another Steamy weekend offer.

Crytek protests against new German law

Studio may be forced to move elsewhere.

Crytek trademarks thee titles

Kingdoms shown in CryEngine 3 demo?

Crysis Wars free trial starts Thursday

Full online, LAN, editor access for a week.

Try Crysis Wars for free next weekend

Or download now and LAN all week.

UK charts: Force Unleashed the new star

WAR also strong. Top 40 inside.

Crytek: PS4 and Xbox "720" in 3 to 4 years

Alongside the London Olympics perhaps.

Crysis Warhead here in September

Side-by-side with Crysis Wars.

EA officially reveals Crysis Warhead

Standalone expansion to retell story.