Crash Boom Bang!

Crash Boom Bang!

Crash Boom Bang!

Think Mario Party but less fun.

Being a games journalist, I spend much of my time on my own with only a PC and my numerous games consoles for company. It's sometimes a lonely life but I love it and really wouldn't have it any other way. My flat might be tiny and cluttered, stuffed to the gills with consoles, code and DVDs but it's home and, unlike many journalists, I thrive on the isolation.

While I readily accepted reviewing Crash Boom Bang! on the DS, I soon discovered one slight problem. To play it you need friends (I have some, but they're scattered across the planet) and get them in the same room with their beloved DS and DS Lites. Yes, here is a game which is beyond boring if you have fifteen friends with lots of time to spare but really, really useless if you're on your own.

Crash Boom Bang! sees the return of The Bandicoot to the DS in board game format. A board game, you cry? Yep, it's a bit like Mario Party blended with Itadaki Street but without the infamous Plumber, the Final Fantasy cameos, perky music or, indeed, the fun. Board games are things you are forced to play at Christmas when you'd rather be sleeping off a turkey dinner. The collective term should be a dead give away and the decision to port so many to home and portable consoles is beginning to get tedious.

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Crash mini-games for DS

With touch-screen comms.

Vivendi's announced Crash Boom Bang! for Nintendo DS, featuring 40 mini-games that take advantage of the DS' unique features.