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There is a special kind of halo around the things games do that they don't really have to. The radio stations in GTA, or the fact that the GPS disappears when you go through a tunnel. The tinkle of shell-casings hitting the floor in a shooter that you would assume is too brisk and frowny for such distractions. The plaque you sometimes find by monuments on the battle royale island of Fortnite. These things don't define a game, but they quietly help to make things feel richer. They are signs that someone cares, and maybe, even, that somebody was having fun thinking of the fun that you would one day have in the worlds they were making.

FeatureCrackdown on Xbox One X makes a classic game even better

Prettier and smoother - and the action is still immense fun.

It's still brilliant. It really is. And on Xbox One X, Crackdown is even better than you remember it. The 2007 classic scales up wonderfully to 4K resolution, but the biggest takeaway here is that, remarkably, the gameplay still holds up - it's still utterly superb. I picked up the game exactly where I left off - with a tooled up, maxed-out Agent ready to take on the final gang left in the game, the villainous Shai-Gen. What happened next is Crackdown at its best: absolute carnage on the streets of Pacific City, urban warfare on a simply spectacular scale. It is - quite possibly - the best 1.50 I've ever spent on a game.

I didn't expect much of Crackdown. I wanted a next-gen GTA and while this shared the same pedigree, it was about fighting crime rather than causing it, and spoken of mostly as a means to get into the Halo 3 beta. Keenly aware of my inability to keep up with Halo players, I steered clear, and it wasn't until a few months after release that I was persuaded to pick up a second-hand copy.

Digital FoundryCrackdown As You've Never Seen It Before

A technical retrospective with HD video.

In the first of our technical retrospectives, Digital Foundry takes a look at Crackdown on Xbox 360. Two years on from its release, it remains an intriguing game: still state-of-the-art in some respects, but superseded by competitors in several others. It's also fair to say that from a gameplay perspective, it remains one of the single most wonderful games you can play on Xbox 360. A brand new copy can be bought for a pittance now, so if you're a newcomer to the Microsoft console, it's a must-buy.

FeatureCrackdown Community Q&A

Phil Wilson talks directly to our readers. Dunno why we bother.

Crackdown was released by Realtime Worlds in February to critical acclaim and excellent sales. The game scored a well-earned 9/10 on Eurogamer with Tom Bramwell informing us that it was his '...favourite Xbox 360 game of recent times' [still is - Tom Bramwell, for it is he]. The game has also generated one of the most popular threads on the Eurogamer forum, with members discussing their tactics and sharing the fun things they find to do in the world of Crackdown on a daily basis. With this in mind, and some Irish soda bread and a crate of Guinness in the post, producer Phil Wilson thus agreed to answer some of the community's questions. Given that the Guinness had been handed over before he answered any questions, we can't guarantee the coherency of his answers. Then again, we can't guarantee the coherency of our questions.


Heroin' up.

It's GTA in the future. Or how about: GTA where you're the cop. GTA with superheroes perhaps - but like 2000AD superheroes, not Marvel superheroes. It's a cel-shaded GTA. Right, GTA with 2000AD-style cel-shaded superhero cops from the future. Will that do?