Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Videos

Digital FoundryCounter Strike: Global Offensive PS3 Performance Video

30 frames per second with screen-tear during taxing scenes characterises the PS3 version of this game.

Digital FoundryCounter Strike: Global Offensive Xbox 360 Performance Video

A fairly solid 30FPS on the Microsoft platform.

Digital FoundryCounter Strike: Global Offensive Digital Foundry PC Performance Video.

The Digital Foundry PC is ideally suited to low-demand games like Global Offensive. Even cranked up to 1080p with 4x MSAA, and all other settings completely maxed out, the frame rate rarely drops below 60FPS. Here we see the Lake map in Demolition mode ca

Digital FoundryCounter-Strike: Global Offensive Xbox 360 vs. PC Face-Off Video

The Microsoft platform compared head-to-head with the PC version at 720p, with all settings ramped up to their highest levels.

Digital FoundryCounter-Strike: Global Offensive PS3 vs. PC Face-Off Video

The Sony console compared with the PC game running at maximum settings at 720p.

Digital FoundryCounter-Strike: Global Offensive Face-Off Video

Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 in this revamped version of the classic shooter.

VideoCounter-Strike: Global Offensive footage

PS3, PC cross-platform play confirmed.