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Costume Quest

Costume Quest

Sugar rush.

If, like me, you have a bit of a sweet tooth, Costume Quest is going to be deadly for your waistline. An hour in and I was craving a pack of wine gums. By the time I finished the game, I'd demolished a whole bag of Haribo.

As you explore you'll come across candies in the street, in bins, bushes and piles of leaves. They cascade into your tote bag or pumpkin pail from the hands of generous neighbours. They're the game's currency, used to buy Battle Stamps, the buffs for your character's attacks. They're omnipresent. If there's been a more effective gaming advert for the confectionery industry and no, Sam Fisher's surprising affection for Airwaves chewing gum doesn't count then I haven't seen it.

Fortunately, Costume Quest isn't the kind of sugary indulgence that's likely to make you feel sick. Rather, it's a light and delicious treat that's perfect for enjoying between this winter's gaming meals without the risk of ruining your appetite.

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