Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Trialz! Death! Ozone! Pac! Cordy!

Is this the best time ever for video games? As someone who reviews 10 games a week, and tries out plenty more, I've almost started to take for granted that there will be a minimum of two or three truly great games out. At that rate, over the course of a year, you're looking at as many as 100 great games that are worth spending money on - and that's just in the downloadable gaming scene.

This week provides an embarrassment of riches, and yet again, I didn't even cover half of the worthy contenders beating a path to my door.

From absolutely nowhere, we've got a new poster child for the Android scene in the shape of Cordy, an effortlessly charming superbudget LittleBigPlanet. MotorTrialz similarly pinches a good idea and refashions it to great effect, while Remedy trawls its back catalogue and delivers probably the best mobile racing game in the process.

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