Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction

So much worse than the title suggests.

GoldenEye 007. Super Mario Kart. Golden Sun. Grand Theft Auto 3. All these games to some extent were sleeper hits. Sneaking in the backdoor of gaming legend with comparatively slight preview fanfare, these titles grew up to be classics against a modest, secretive or diminutive showing. You could argue these type of games end up being the most valued. Relatively little hype, little attention, mildly large risk; infinitely large reward. And now, Conspiracy is the latest to be listed among - gah, who are we kidding?

Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction is not that type of game.

To be totally honest, it's an insult to even mention these games on the same page. Because rather than quietly wooing you with its class and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, this first-person shooter stomps up behind you, drops its trousers and starts pissing against your leg, and then wonders why you're looking at it with such total abject disgust. Sneaky? That's what secret agents do...

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