The Conduit News

What HVS wants from the Nintendo Wii 2

"Multi-core would be great." Wii visuals "haggard".

1 million sales benchmark "preposterous"

An industry "misnomer" Conduit 2 dev says.

Conduit 3DS in development

"It runs pretty darn well with full 3D."

High Voltage compares The Conduit to GTA

"Nobody knows anything about GTA 1, 2."

SEGA pushes Conduit to July

An extra two weeks to wait now.

Conduit dev doing Gladiator game

It will "redefine fighting on the Wii".

The Conduit dated for Europe

Ambitious Wii shooter will just make June.

The Conduit slips to summer

Online multiplayer downsized, detailed.

Hardcore will "pay attention" to Wii soon

Dunaway says tide will turn next year.

SEGA to publish The Conduit on Wii

Custom-control FPS due in the spring.

The Conduit aiming for early 2009

Wii shooter to break casual stereotype.

Most Wii games "look like crap"

But ours won't, says High Voltage.