The Conduit 2 News

Conduit 2 dev in review furore

Staff encouraged to review reviewer's book.

What HVS wants from the Nintendo Wii 2

"Multi-core would be great." Wii visuals "haggard".

1 million sales benchmark "preposterous"

An industry "misnomer" Conduit 2 dev says.

Conduit dev making Kinect game for 2K

Announcement at GDC. Out this year.

Conduit 3DS in development

"It runs pretty darn well with full 3D."

Conduit 2 release date delayed again

Wii-exclusive shooter pushed back.

High Voltage compares The Conduit to GTA

"Nobody knows anything about GTA 1, 2."

SEGA narrows down The Conduit 2 release

Delayed to incorporate "fan feedback".

Conduit 2 delayed until 2011

Plus: new control systems promised.

High Voltage lays off staff

Conduit developer scales back.

The Conduit 2 gets MotionPlus support

Optional precision controls for Wii FPS.

Conduit 2 will do "whatever it takes"

First was over-ambitious, says developer.

The Conduit 2 heads for autumn

SEGA makes Wii sequel official.

The Conduit 2 revealed

Includes four-player co-op mode.