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Company of Heroes Online cancelled

Company of Heroes Online cancelled

THQ pulls plug on WWE Online too.

Real time strategy MMO Company of Heroes Online has been canned, THQ has confirmed.

Speculation was rife that the title could be for the chop following news yesterday that the beta had been closed, and the publisher confirmed the cancellation during an earnings call today.

Its WWE Online MMO has also been put on the scrap heap.

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Company of Heroes Online beta to end

Relic will end the Company of Heroes Online open beta next month as it works out what's next for the popular RTS series.

In a post on the official Company of Heroes website, Relic signed off with this message to fans: "We are excited to reveal the next evolution of the series in the near future."

The open beta will end on 31st March "to evaluate the next steps for the Company of Heroes series", Relic said. Could publisher THQ be shutting the game down for good?

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Relic dev's widow thanks gamers

"Simply stunned" by your generosity.

Erin Wood, the pregnant widow of recently deceased Relic developer Brian Wood, has offered her "heartfelt thanks" to gamers following the fatal tragedy of 10 days ago.

Pick up Company of Heroes for 2.49

Save 75 per cent on usual Steam price.

Remember Company of Heroes, the 2007 World War II strategy game from THQ? Well, you might like to know it's currently going cheap on Steam.

Company of Heroes gets expansion pack

Company of Heroes gets expansion pack

With new campaigns, units, maps and more.

A second expansion pack is in the works for Company of Heroes, the PC real-time strategy title from THQ.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor [sic] will include three campaigns along with new units, maps and multiplayer modes. There's also something called a "direct-fire" feature that's said to allow more tactical control during battles.

Tales of Valor is being developed by Relic, the same studio behind the original title in the series. Which scored an impressive 10 out of 10, come to think of it - read Kieron's review to find out why.

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