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The next Company of Heroes 2 expansion stars the British

Relic's World War 2 real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2 will get a new standalone expansion called The British Forces. It's out 3rd September 2015.

The British Forces costs £9.99, but there's 20 per cent off for anyone on Steam who owns any product from the Company of Heroes franchise.

The British Forces includes 15 new units, six new commanders with unique abilities and eight new multiplayer maps.

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Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies review

Completely surrounded, with German tanks pressing their advantage against the last of my bazooka-wielding riflemen, I figured I'd lost. I was seconds from defeat. Then I saw an opening: a narrow path that looked relatively unguarded. So I used a few rounds of covering artillery fire, forcing the tanks to back off for a few seconds, allowing a quick opening for the last of my infantrymen. After a few minutes of rapid movement and harassing my opponent's tanks, I had managed to largely immobilise them and quickly capture the strategic points I needed to reinforce my position and push the last of the German forces out of the fields of France.

Price and availability

£9.99 for each faction, £14.99 for both

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How are Sega's video games selling?

Rome 2 breaks 1m barrier. But what about Football Manager, Sonic and CoH2?

Sega has released its financial results for the year ending 31st March 2014, and so we get some firm figures for its video game slate.

Company of Heroes 2 returns to Western Front

Standalone multiplayer DLC offers two new factions.

Company of Heroes 2 is returning to the Second World War's western battleground with new standalone multiplayer DLC that offers two new factions - the US Forces and the German Oberkommando West - alongside eight new maps.

EGXRelic to talk Company of Heroes' future at EGX Rezzed

Developer session next Friday promises "first details of the next phase of COH2".

Relic Entertainment will be hosting a special developer session at EGX Rezzed next Friday where the studio plans to talk about future plans for the Company of Heroes franchise.

Company of Heroes 2 gets both paid and free DLC today

The first game gets some added Steam features too.

Sega's World War 2 strategy sequel, Company of Heroes 2, is receiving a couple of free maps, the Southern Fronts paid DLC, and Steam Workshop integration for its user-created maps made from World Builder today.

Relic remasters classic Company of Heroes map Langres for CoH 2

Relic remasters classic Company of Heroes map Langres for CoH 2

Now called Langreskaya, comes with an Eastern Front twist.

Relic has added classic Company of Heroes map Langres to Company of Heroes 2.

Langres, created for CoH 1 as part of a map design competition, was one of the most popular maps for the real-time strategy game. Sega said today it's enjoyed over 3.2 million matched and 1.2 million hours of play time.

Now, Relic has remastered the map in both traditional summer and new winter variations for Company of Heroes 2, which is set in the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Langreskaya, as it's now known, has been patched into the game for free, and includes new houses and hay barrels. It's available in 1v1 and 2v2 in custom games and on 1v1 in automatch.

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Company of Heroes 2 review

Company of Heroes 2 review

Baby, it's cold outside.

Early in Company of Heroes 2's campaign mode, there is a single line of dialogue that so succinctly encapsulates the spirit of this World War 2 strategy game that it could have featured as the title's tagline. "Do not be discouraged by a few losses," comes the bark of a Soviet officer as the Red Army's ill-equipped recruits scramble to reclaim a beleaguered Stalingrad.

What passes for an Eastern Front rallying call does little to bolster the morale of the rookies, some of whom don't even have a weapon to fire in anger, but as the hours pass it feels like it's meant as much for the player as it is for the for the conscripts. Ultimately, it turns out to be a call that should be heeded across every mission, mode and map if you're to derive maximum enjoyment from Relic Entertainment's sequel.

It's not that Company of Heroes 2 is particularly difficult - not on the standard difficulty level at least. It's more that the manner in which certain elements of the game design are introduced and subsequently managed can leave you a little hazy on how best to approach a given situation. Basic concepts like grouping squads for effective unit management and the utilisation of troop abilities are left largely up to you to experiment with.

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Company of Heroes 2 open beta begins today

Company of Heroes 2 open beta begins today

Carry progression and unlocks into release version.

The Company of Heroes 2 open beta begins today and runs until 18th June, Sega has announced.

It includes the World War 2 real-time strategy game's multiplayer mode, with competitive and co-op play, on six maps. You'll also have access to the first 45 levels of the game's progression and bulletin system.

You'll retain all progression and unlocks earned in the open beta if you buy the game within the first 60 days of launch and play it on the same Steam account as the beta.

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FeatureDanny Bilson: inside the rise and fall of THQ

The outspoken former chief of Saints Row, Homefront and Darksiders finally breaks his silence.

The week before Danny Bilson left THQ in May 2012, he still had hope. He had a plan: Darksiders 2 from Vigil. Metro: Last Light from 4AGames. Company of Heroes 2 from Relic Entertainment. Enter the Dominatrix, the standalone expansion for Saints Row the Third, from Volition. South Park: The Stick of Truth, in production at Obsidian Entertainment. Homefront 2 at Crytek UK. And then there was the unannounced stuff: the next-gen game from Turtle Rock we now know is called Evolve. Patrice Désilets' 1666 at THQ Montreal. The portfolio is long and impressive.

Relic unveils Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War

Relic unveils Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War

To fire or not to fire, that is the question.

Relic Entertainment has unveiled the Theater of War mode for World War 2 real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2.

It's a series of additional single-player and co-op challenges and missions set on the Eastern Front. Each revolves around battles from a particular year of the war, and features unique units and special abilities that reflects the strategy used by the armies at the time.

Company of Heroes 2 comes with the Theater of War 1941 pack, which features Soviet and German missions (each faction has nine unique missions included). At a recent event we played a number of these missions. One saw us defending a control point against increasingly powerful waves of German attacks. The other challenged us to destroy a number of German encampments dotted across the map within a set time limit.

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THQ is no more. This is where its assets went

UPDATE: Platinum Games is interested in Darksiders.

Update #4: Does IP changing hands equal upheaval? Does upheaval equal game delay? Obsidian's South Park: Stick of Truth was due in March. Is it still? "It's too soon to say," Ubisoft told me this afternoon. "We'll have more details to share about plans for specific games soon."

FeatureDevelopers' Most Anticipated Games of 2013

BioShock! GTA5! The Last of Us! Beyond!

With 2012 already a smudged headline on yesterday's newspaper, it's time to get excited, all over again, for the next twelve months and the incredible games they are sure to bring. There are some amazing-looking games due out this year, including Grand Theft Auto 5, BioShock Infinite, Beyond, The Last of Us and more. And with the next-generation of consoles set to explode onto the scene, proper brand new games are surely not far behind. Hopefully.

Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer trailer shows Russians and Germans going at it

THQ has released a new trailer for World War 2 real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2 showing multiplayer for the first time.

The video, below, shows the Russians and Germans going at it. Multiple units are revealed across both factions.

The video also confirms that the Relic Entertainment RTS features one versus one, two versus two, three versus three and four versus four multiplayer game modes.

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Trailer for Company of Heroes film starring Vinnie Jones released

Vinnie Jones - Wimbledon Football Club's biggest star since John Fashanu - returns to the big screen in the new Company of Heroes movie.

Filming started earlier this year in Bulgaria and now UFO Productions is ready to share a trailer.

It's not that bad; it's a rousing tale of a troop of soldiers caught behind enemy lines after World War 2's Battle of the Bulge - Hitler's last punch. Cue heroics and camaraderie.

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New Company of Heroes 2 trailer goes boom

New Company of Heroes 2 trailer goes boom

New gameplay from a certain point of view.

THQ has released a new trailer for Company of Heroes 2, the Relic Entertainment-developed real-time strategy game due out on PC March 2013.

CoH2 is set in the Eastern Front during World War 2 and runs on Relic's Essence 3 game engine. You play the Russians as they battle against the German invasion.

THQ will be hoping Company of Heroes 2 pulls in the punters. The beleaguered publisher recently fended off a default on its credit facility with US bank Wells Fargo, reaching an agreement that means development on its upcoming games can continue.

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Company of Heroes 2 beta access for Eurogamer Expo attendees

EGXCompany of Heroes 2 beta access for Eurogamer Expo attendees

Plus more details on what you can play (for the first time in the world) this weekend.

Back when we revealed that you would be able to play Company of Heroes 2 at this year's Eurogamer Expo, we promised that everyone who played it (or attended the developer session on Saturday at 2.30pm) would get "a special gift".

Today we're very happy to reveal that the special gift will be... a unique Steam code that grants you beta access to Company of Heroes 2! There will be a closed beta phase at some point in the future, and your code will get you into that.

THQ and Relic have also told us that those of you who play the game at the Expo will be going hands-on with "the Rzhev Meatgrinder".

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First Company of Heroes 2 trailer goes over the top

The first trailer for hotly-anticipated RTS sequel Company of Heroes 2 has just marched out of the THQ barracks.

It's heavy on scene-setting bluster and light on anything approximating actual in-game footage. Check it out below.

Still, you shouldn't need a trailer to get excited for a follow-up to the Relic-developed 2006 original. It was an absolute barnstormer of a game.

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When I sat down to chat with Danny Bilson during THQ's pre-E3 showcase event in North London earlier this month, I had no idea that, just over a week later, he would no longer be with the publisher. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but I'm convinced there was something about the way he introduced presentations on Company of Heroes 2, Metro: Last Light and Darksiders 2 to European press that morning that was, for want of a better term, off.

Company of Heroes 2 Preview: Russian Attack

FeatureCompany of Heroes 2 Preview: Russian Attack

Relic's world-beating RTS turns its attention to the Eastern Front.

There are so many insane statistics about Russia's losses in World War II that the mind starts to bounce off them after a little while. Let's limit ourselves to just a single detail, then: one in seven Soviet citizens died in the course of the conflict. That offers some kind of insight, doesn't it? That allows you a decent handle on the fate of a nation blessed with such a talent for suffering that its strategy - for much of the early fighting at least - appears to have been to lose and lose and lose again, until there was nobody left standing for them to lose to any more.

Russia overwhelmed with numbers: with the sheer quantity of its often unskilled, frequently unarmed soldiers, and with the bizarre scale of the landscape its enemies would have to conquer. Russia endured because endurance was another talent. Was it triumphant? That really depends on the degree of elasticity you're willing to lend the word.

That one-in-seven stat came to England recently in the PowerPoint presentation of Quinn Duffy, the game director of Company of Heroes 2. For the RTS series' long-awaited sequel, the developers aren't reinventing or re-engineering from the ground up, and they aren't moving the game into an entirely new time period, laying on space marines or medieval trebuchets. Instead, Relic's shifting the focus to a different theatre of the same war. It's looking past the gritted glamour of Normandy to the mass-murder taking place on the Eastern Front.

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THQ confirms Company of Heroes 2

THQ confirms Company of Heroes 2

First details, screenshot from RTS sequel.

THQ has confirmed PC RTS Company of Heroes 2 for an early 2013 release.

As reported last week, it moves the action to the Eastern Front, tasking you with guiding Russia's Red Army to victory against invading Nazi forces.

Dawn of War studio Relic is once again at the helm, and is building the game with its proprietary Essence 3.0 Engine. New features include something called Dynamic Battle Tactics, enhanced environmental destruction, new Commander Abilities and a considerable graphical upgrade over the 2006 original.

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