Company of Heroes


Company of Heroes 2 gets both paid and free DLC today

The first game gets some added Steam features too.

Sega and Relic and the whereabouts of the Warhammer 40,000 IP

It sounds promising but it's not set in lead.

Company of Heroes 2 revealed

Eastern Front setting reported for RTS sequel, due 2013.

Company of Heroes: Campaign Edition announced for Mac

Single player-only offering due next month.

THQ recommits to core games amid long-term health fears

Unwittingly appears to out Company of Heroes 2.

Relic post-mortems Space Marine

"We'd always like to have higher scores."

Company of Heroes Online heading West

Free-to-play game in US/Canada this year.

Pick up Company of Heroes for £2.49

Save 75 per cent on usual Steam price.

Steam value-bundles THQ games

Get 12 titles for 65 quid.

Company of Heroes gets expansion pack

With new campaigns, units, maps and more.

Opposing Fronts demo inbound

War of what you love.

Bag an Opposing Fronts beta key

Try the new COH expansion.

Company of Heroes sequel?

GFW editor spills beans.

Company of Heroes patched

New maps, balance changes.

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In the Company of Ico, Deus Ex...

Company of Heroes demo

Replacing the beta one.

CoH demo breaks rank

Missions ripped from US mag hit net.

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We're in the army now.

Dawn of War coming to 360?

Relic boss says it's a possibility.

EGTV: Company of Heroes trailer

No, not a film about us - the RTS.

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Heroic effort from the folks behind Homeworld.

Company of Heroes announced

THQ to publish Relic's World War II RTS. Who does that Mr Hitler think he's kidding, anyway.