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Explosions! Comics! Apaches! Climbers! House!

VideoComic Jumper's four art styles

Manga, silver age, modern and fantasy gameplay.

VideoTwisted Pixel's Comic Jumper

From the makers of 'Splosion Man.

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Download Games Roundup

Explosions! Comics! Apaches! Climbers! House!

Earlier this week, I introduced possibly the world's most ardent PlayStation 3 zealot to the Xbox Live Indie Channel. After he'd finished furrowing his brow at the prospect of being sullied by something connected to Microsoft, the penny dropped. Hours passed, ridiculous games came and went (including the unforgettably bad Adventures Of Captain Becky), and the mood changed to something altogether more convivial. "I'm going to have to buy one of these, aren't I?" he scowled.

And lo and behold, almost five years after its release, he went and bought a 360. Not because of the Xbox's glittering array of exclusive triple-A blockbusters, or the slightly better frame-rate of multi-platform titles, or its superior online service, but because of the creative lunacy that exists in bucketloads on this almost entirely unmoderated Indie Games service.

If you haven't bothered to look yet, please do. Check out this, this, this and this and see how much fun you can have for pennies these days.

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Comic Jumper

Modern, silver age and manga style gameplay.

Modern, silver age and manga style gameplay.