Colin McRae Rally 2005

Powersliding, while a glorious, evocative word for petrolheads, proved an irritatingly elusive dynamic for driving game developers of the 1970s, eighties and very early nineties. Indeed, it was only the remarkable acceleration the genre benefited from as a result of videogaming's transition to 3D (coupled with the renewed processing power of enhanced hardware) that finally enabled the recreation of drifting a box of polygons sideways through a corner in a manner that felt satisfyingly convincing. Up to then, even the most fervent member of the Sprite Generation knew deep down that adding smoke and screeching effects la OutRun just didn't cut it. If you're going to give the illusion of powersliding, you need to do it in three dimensions. Namco's absurdly popular Ridge Racer was an early front-runner in this regard and soon found a rapidly growing number of efforts from other publishers in its slipstream.

McRae and TOCA for PSP launch

McRae and TOCA for PSP launch

With big Wi-Fi player numbers.

Both Colin McRae and TOCA Race Driver will be released alongside the PSP in Europe on September 1st, Codemasters confirmed today - and both games will take full advantage of the handheld's wireless multiplayer options.

The rally title, now going by the name Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus, offers everything from three-minute stages to full three-hour championships, and will allow for simultaneous eight-player wireless racing - with an option to share replays via wireless too. There will even be a demo download option, so your PSP-owning mates can grab a bit of playable code from you wirelessly and try it out. Because, let's face it, you're hardly going to let them touch your shiny, spotless new toy. We wouldn't.

TOCA Race Driver 2, meanwhile, features just about everything that was in the PS2 version and supports wireless multiplayer for 12 players simultaneously. TOCA 2, for those who missed its turn on the home consoles and PC, features a wide variety of very-well-modelled racing disciplines - everything from Formula Ford to Super Truck Racing, with various licensed categories too.

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