Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

Hit or myth?

As soon as I heard that they were remaking Clash of the Titans, I knew there'd be a videogame. Obviously. So I booked a flight to South America, chartered a boat up the Amazon and tracked down the Tagaeri, a remote tribe that has had virtually no contact with the modern world. I made a bet with them, to see what they thought the Clash of the Titans videogame would be like. They said, "Probably another mediocre God of War rip-off, with giant boss monsters and probably a few quick-time events".

Well, looks like I owe the Tagaeri a family-sized bag of Haribo and the Friends DVD boxset. Clash of the Titans really is that predictable. Hemmed in by both the movie and Greek mythology itself, realistically there's a limit to how imaginative developer Game Republic could be under the circumstances, but that's no excuse for missing so many easy targets.

The game opens on a small fishing island, where Perseus lives with his adopted family, blissfully unaware that he's actually the illegitimate son of Zeus. His demigodly powers soon prove quite useful, however, as monsters and demons start to appear, along with soldiers from Argos (free delivery, you see) who are waging a war against the neglectful gods of Olympus.

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