Civilization IV


Feature | 25 years of Civilization: We talk with Sid Meier

"It's outgrown me. It's outgrown any one person."

Feature | Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Preview: Restoring the Faith

Firaxis' expansion reintroduces some of the series' complexity.

Video | Civilisation IV wins Grammy Award

Wins Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) category.

Civilization IV wins Grammy

First videogame to do so.

Civilization IV nominated for a Grammy

Awards recognise games for first time.

"This is the year of Civ," says Meier

Reckons it's a great time to be in games.

BioShock film and MMOG possible

Take-Two looking at Civ opportunities, too.

Sid Meier to create an MMO?

Strategy legend is "exploring the possibilities".

PC gaming "should be like Punk Rock"

Spore developer loves its variety.

Lifetime Achievement Award for Meier

Civ chap to be honoured at GDC.

Civ box set coming to Europe

Yours for just 40 quid.

Civ IV to get new expansion

Warlords due out this summer.

Feature | A Civilized man

Sid Meier talks to Eurogamer.

New Civilization IV demo

Try out Sid Meier's latest epic.

Meet Civ creator Sid Meier

And get him to sign your game.

Review | Civilization 4

Be Civil. Itís the right thing to do.

Civ IV info, pics

New features, modding options.