City of Villains News

Can a group of volunteers really make a superhero MMO?

UPDATE: $320,000 Kickstarter goal surpassed in days.

City of Heroes and developer Paragon Studios to be closed by NCsoft

"No longer fits with our long-term goals for the company."

City of Heroes gets a facelift

Issue 17 brightens things up.

NCsoft: COH is a "flourishing franchise"

Sequel not ruled out. Expansion dated.

NCsoft trademarks City of Heroes 2

What could it mean. Nobody knows.

City of Heroes wants you back

Big reactivation push next weekend.

City of Heroes ups customisation

Issue 16: Power Spectrum launches.

City of Heroes Issue 15 released

5th Column missions, Architect improvements.

City of Heroes Issue 15 announced

Celebrating 5 years with Anniversary.

City of Heroes mission editor released

Issue 14: Architect is live.

Champions recruits beta testers from COH

Superhero MMO rivalry turns sour.

City of Heroes Issue 14 this month

Mission Architect content editor coming.

City of Heroes Issue 13 goes live

Mac version on the way, beta soon.

Garriott leaves NCsoft as profits dive

"New interests" made him do it.

City of Heroes mission editor delayed

New buddy system coming instead.

City of Heroes Issue 13 announced

"Architect" offers mission editor and day jobs.

NCsoft merges Heroes and Villains cities

Unified world lays foundations for future.

City of Heroes: Issue 12 released

Major changes arrive, click for a free trial.

Make your own City of Heroes content

NCsoft either lazy or ingenious.

MMO patch news roundup

Pirates, Heroes, Galaxies, Tabula.

City of Heroes weekend draws crowds

1300 attend. Some sleep in chairs.

The best MMO April Fools

Blizzard wins. Again.

City of Heroes to sell character slots

Coming soon after Issue 12.

New "City of" games coming?

NCsoft Euro-boss suggests so.

City of Heroes grows again

Issue 11 shows face.

Plenty of life in MMOs

All-star panel says so.

City of Heroes Issue 10 out

Help each other, spandexers.

Give City of Heroes a try

Eurogamer's got the key.

City of Heroes Issue 9 released

Invention System goes live.

CoH invention system 'imminent'

MMO celebrates third birthday.

Wings aren't all they seem

CoH artist details new flappers.

City of Heroes gets crafty

New features added.

Heroes to Safeguard Paragon

New mission type revealed for upcoming CoH update.

City of Heroes/Villains comp

Both games for 15 quid.

CoH/V Issue 7 released

Old accounts can try it too.

City of Villains Issue 7

Exhaustive details and shots.

City of Villains to get update

And Heroes to get tweaked, too.

Marvel, NCsoft settle lawsuit

No changes to City of Heroes.

Jetpacks for Heroes and Villains

As well as festive missions, more.

City of Villains pricing

Play it and Heroes for one fee.

In-game extras for Villains

City of Villains Collector's Edition.

City of Villains beta begins

Testing times for CoH expansion.

New City of Heroes update

And City of Villains trailer.