Cities: Skylines Videos

We take a look at Cities: Skylines inevitable Natural Disasters expansion

Inheriting the city simulation throne brings with it certain responsibilities, as Colossal Order are now finding out. One of those responsibilities, bizarrely, is giving your players the option to summon huge, city-destroying disaster events whenever they please. We'd been expecting Cities: Skylines to introduce something like this for a little while now and at this year's Gamescom, they finally revealed their most inevitable expansion yet.

I saw a very brief demo, although we're yet to get our hands on any gameplay we can share. However! I did chat with Mariina Hallikainen, the CEO of Colossal Order, about meteor strikes, free updates and supporting Cities: Skylines for "the long haul".

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Cities: Skylines saw its first expansion revealed at last week's Gamescom and it's looking like something we'd rather like to play. It's called 'After Dark' and introduces a whole list of changes including a day/night cycle, leisure and beach specialisations, and most importantly, BUS LANES.