Cities In Motion 2

Cities in Motion 2 preview: Making progress

Before I see Cities in Motion 2, Colossal Order's CEO has an unexpected disclosure for me and I'm really not ready for it. I have a friendly, throwaway question for Mariina Hallikainen about the transport management sequel and that question is: "What's your favourite form of public transport?" I honestly can't remember her answer because, before she gives it, she tells me she frequently gets ill when she travels. The woman behind Cities in Motion gets motion sickness.

I get a second surprise when the demo begins. At first I'm relaxed, even nostalgic, as the music brings it all back. I settle into my chair, hear that familiar funkiness once again and know exactly what to expect. We'll be weaving our way about the world's cities, carefully crafting a transport network to connect commuters, letting trams snake their way around Munich or Helsinki, sending buses bumbling about Vienna.

The music ends. The demo map appears. Then the game's lead designer takes hold of a bus depot and slams it down on top of somebody's house, dragging a road out of its mouth and trailing it through the suburbs. Screw you, house. You were in the way. In the way of progress.

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