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Square's messy Chrono Trigger PC port gets its fifth and final improvements update

Six months after launch, Square Enix has released its final big update for Chrono Trigger on PC, wrapping up the publisher's plans to improve its widely derided port of the classic Super Nintendo J-RPG.

You might recall that PC fans were briefly elated when Chrono Trigger surprise-launched on Steam back in February. However, players quickly discovered that Square Enix's port was plagued with issues, from poor performance to an unwieldy interface and blurry sprite art - the latter two woes inherited from the game's mobile version.

To its credit, Square pledged to address fans complaints, and has already released a number of updates for Chrono Trigger on PC. These added, among other things, original-style sprites, an improved UI, and better controller and keyboard support.

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Chrono Trigger PSN release date

Chrono Trigger PSN release date

Square Enix SNES so.

Seminal SNES RPG Chrono Trigger is heading to PSN - next week!

A post on the US PlayStation blog outed the release date as Tuesday, 4th October. There's no corresponding post on the European blog - the game could arrive here on Wednesday, 5th October.

A subsequent post by Square Enix product manager Charles McCarter teased that Chrono Cross, sequel to Chrono Trigger, may also be on its way.

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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Upbot! Trigger! PicDun! Daggerdale! Storm!

You might have noticed that we don't tend to bother looking at retro reissues when we compile each week's roundup. For one thing, most of you probably already know whether you want to buy them in advance; you've either played them or your mates have spent years going on about them. Besides, Retro Sunday is there to service those with nostalgia issues.

What's more, the retro reissue scene has been pretty underwhelming for some time, with the flow of interesting Virtual Console releases slowing to a tiny trickle. Whether that's as a result of Nintendo holding titles back or publishers choosing not to bother isn't clear.

But last Friday's release of Chrono Trigger was an especially welcome one - not simply because of its undisputed classic status, but because it's the first time Square's 1995 SNES RPG has had a full 'home' console release in Europe. For those of you who passed up on its DS port a couple of years back, now's the time to see what everyone's been ranting and raving about all this time.

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Chrono Trigger coming to PS3, PSP

Square's RPG classic outed by ESRB.

Square's beloved SNES RPG classic Chrono Trigger is on its way to PlayStation Network as a PSone Classic, according to an ESRB listing.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

If I could turn back time.

Is the chance to play with time gaming's greatest gift to players? It's something no other entertainment medium offers and yet, when we rewind the last ten seconds of Prince of Persia, un-jumping a mistimed leap, it's the most natural thing in the world. In Race Driver GRID, a 150mph collision can be undone in an instant, fenders uncrumpling, engine rebuilding, broken faces rearranged with the squeeze of a trigger. In Braid, time can be inched forward and back, millisecond adjustments that solve four-dimensional puzzles impossible to experience outside of a videogame. And yet, with all this power - the power of a time lord, the power that inventors have hungered for throughout history - all we seem to use it for is fixing our petty mistakes.

Chrono Trigger's time-manipulation has a higher purpose. Here you hold in your hands a seismic force, one whose mastery can bring about wars or avert them, can wipe out entire lineages or birth them, can right the wrongs (or wrong the rights) of generations. It's a power that gives rise to new futures. In this world, a trivial act of kindness 600 years in the past changes the landscape of the present immeasurably, and you can be there to see it happen. And yet time travel is just the first of a hundred different ideas that make Chrono Trigger the greatest Japanese RPG ever made.

Released toward the end of the genre's golden age on the Super Nintendo, Chrono Trigger brought together Square's "Dream Team" of Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, and Yuji Horii, creator of Dragon Quest, flanked by stars such as renowned anime artist Akira Toriyama and composer Nobuo Uematsu. Together they set to work on a JRPG that, in many ways, is nothing like a JRPG.

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New ending for Chrono Trigger DS

Revamped SNES classic gains features.

Square Enix is planning to include a brand new ending in the DS remake of Chrono Trigger. And presumably this will be additional rather than a replacement, although we've asked the publisher for clarification.

Chrono Trigger DS travels to 2009

US and Europe "a few weeks apart".

Europe will have to wait until "early 2009" for Chrono Trigger DS, Square Enix has told Eurogamer, but will be only "a few weeks" behind the US "holiday" launch.

Square Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS

Square Enix confirms Chrono Trigger DS

For the US this "Holiday".

Square Enix is definitely remaking Chrono Trigger for DS.

The US arm of the publisher stamped confirmation on the project and has a "holiday" release in mind. European plans are yet to be revealed, but we expect some sort of date may tumble out of E3.

Chrono Trigger DS will be refitted to make use of a dual-screen layout and those space-age touch-screen controls. Square Enix is also popping an extra dungeon in for you to explore and some kind of wireless play.

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