The Chronicles of Spellborn News

Spellborn MMO to go free-to-play

"Re-development" for relaunch in 2010.

The Chronicles of Spellborn, an independently-developed MMO which launched late last year, is to be re-developed as a free-to-play game supported by micro-transactions.

Spellborn's 09 update plans revealed

Spellborn's 09 update plans revealed

First patch coming this month.

The developer of European MMO The Chronicles of Spellborn has announced its plans for updating the game in its first year, starting with the first major content update at the end of January.

By that time Spellborn should have launched in the UK and US, under the auspices of publisher Acclaim

The update will introduce a tutorial to better explain some of the game's stranger concepts, like its rotating skill deck. There will also be a new dungeon called Exarchyon for level 20 to 25 players, unique monsters called Menaces, some new quests and big fixes.

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Chronicles of Spellborn launches - sort of

Chronicles of Spellborn launches - sort of

UK won't get the Euro MMO until January.

The intriguing independent MMO Chronicles of Spellborn is released today - if you happen to live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Other European countries will need to wait until next week to get a copy, with the exception of the UK, which will be twiddling its thumbs until January.

In a bizarre move, developer Spellborn International has bundled publishing rights for the UK in with North America, Australia, New Zealand and South America, and licensed the lot to US operator Acclaim.

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Spellborn to have free starter zone

After that, it's subscription-only.

Spellborn International, Dutch developer of the fantasy MMO Chronicles of Spellborn, has confirmed that the game will have a free-to-play starting zone, but that you will need to pay a subscription if you want to explore the entire game.

Chronicles of Spellborn dated

Dutch MMO hot on the Lich King's heels.

Frogster Interactive has announced a European release date for its offbeat European fantasy MMORPG, The Chronicles of Spellborn. The game will be released for PC on 27th November in English, French and German versions.

Chronicles of Spellborn delayed

But US release looking more likely.

Not much more than a month after it was scheduled for a spring 2008 release, Dutch fantasy MMO Chronicles of Spellborn has been delayed to the autumn.

Chronicles of Spellborn due in spring

Open beta testing to begin soon.

Fantasy MMO The Chronicles of Spellborn is to be released in the "second quarter of 2008", according to developers Spellborn International.