Wii's Cube remakes coming to Europe

Pikmins, Metroids, Mario Tennis in 2009.

Nintendo UK has told Eurogamer that Wii reworkings of GameCube titles Pikmin 1 and 2, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 and Mario Tennis will all be released in Europe next year.

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Part 1: Animals, drums, war and tidying.

It's often tough to say goodbye. But when only eight games come out for a system in a whole year, it's probably time to bid our farewells. The last GameCube release - the last one ever, I think it's safe to say - was Ratatouille, and God knows where the shops put that. Hidden amongst the three pre-owned copies of Luigi's Mansion at the back of the shelf, probably.

Chibi-Robo coming to DS

And going up the local park.

There's just a couple of weeks to wait until Chibi-Robo arrives on European GameCubes - and as you'll know if you read our review, it's well worth looking forward to.



He cleans up real good.

The Nintendo GameCube has to be one of the poorest wee souls of gaming. Despite hosting some of the best games seen on any system, I imagine that by now anyone with a GameCube has relegated it to doorstop status, with only the mildest of worries about an unstopped door swinging in the wind when The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is released. With even the Dreamcast somehow scraping a steady stream of high quality, largely exclusive shoot-'em-up titles in Japan over four years since the end of it's production, it's depressing to see nothing but a dribble of off cuts from multi-platform franchises lining the release schedule for the GameCube.

This makes something like Chibi-Robo an almost astonishing surprise. The kind of title that not only makes it imperative that you plug your GameCube back in months before you'd planned to, and well before you'd bought that replacement doorstop (insert defunct platform of choice here), it's a title that engrosses you to the point where you have an almost gleeful disregard for your now dangerously ajar door. Because you have a new home in which to worry about things like that. The home of the Sandersons.

The Sandersons are your typical all-American family; typical, that is, from the viewpoint of a Japanese design team (reference points: Katamari Damacy, Mr. Moskeeto). The father, known only as Mr. Sanderson, is unemployed and sleeping on the couch due to an argument with Mrs. Sanderson, his put-upon housewife, over the gift he bought their disturbed, frog-obsessed daughter Jenny for her birthday. You.

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Chibi-Robo out in May

Get yourself plugged in.

Nintendo has confirmed that GameCube title Chibi-Robo is coming to Europe, announcing that the game will be out here in May.