Champions Online News

Valve announces Steam F2P support

Champions Online among first wave of titles.

Perfect World buys Cryptic Studios

Chinese MMOer gets STO, Champions.

Atari to offload Champions Online studio

Cryptic Studios a "discontinued operation".

Champions' F2P switch does the business

Early TDU2 sales meet expectations.

Champions Online: Free For All goes live

Atari wants Ł10.34 a month for full access.

Cryptic Studios props up Atari figures

Encourages publisher to move focus online.

Will Star Trek Online go free-to-play?

Will Champions get user-generated content?

WOW "sucked oxygen" from MMO subs

F2P or you'll be "skating up hill" - Cryptic.

Champions Online going free-to-play

Take superhero to max level for nothing.

Champions Online gets new stuff

Your Cape Canaveral good swish.

Busy Cryptic won't forget STO, Champions

They "chug along", says Jack Emmert.

Cryptic has "several other projects"

Besides Star Trek, Champions, Neverwinter.

Cryptic: we must improve for Neverwinter

Boss admits STO, Champions lacked polish.

New Cryptic game reveal in late summer

People will be "pleased and a bit surprised".

Cryptic gives up on console Champions

Also: new zone added in free expansion.

Champions Online to get expansion

New level 37-40 zone is a paid add-on.

Champions Online gets demo, iPhone app

Also Christmas event and recruitment bonus.

1m characters created in Champs Online

Free weekend starts today.

Champions Online free this weekend

Blood Moon update out tomorrow.

UK chart: Batman wings again

As PS3 Slim launch shakes list.

First Champions Online update detailed

New powers, zombie PvP, late October.

Cryptic "ready to go" on Champions 360

MS reluctance on MMOs is "baffling".

Champions lifetime subs sell out

Update: No they don't!

Champions offers $200 lifetime subs

Pre-order only, Star Trek beta access too.

Head starts for Champions pre-orders

Beta access for spandex MMO too.

Champions Online to support Twitter

In-game tweeting hits the beta.

Champions Online open beta in August

Ahead of early September release.

Champions Online 360 this year - Atari

Star Trek Online by March 2010.

Champions Online release delayed

Retreats to September, needs "more time".

Champions Online to have item sales?

"No finalised plans" - Cryptic.

Champions Online dated for PC

MMO suffers micro-slip into summer.

Champions borrows WAR's public quests

"We did what every good developer does."

Champions recruits beta testers from COH

Superhero MMO rivalry turns sour.

Champions Online "coming out first on PC"

Console version(s) later - Roper.

Champions Online due "spring" not "June"

Atari fudges superhero MMO date.

Champions Online to launch in June

Superhero MMO for PC and Xbox 360.

Take-Two drops Champions Online

Makes way for new owners Atari.

Atari buys MMO developer Cryptic

Studio has third game in development.

Champions and Star Trek MMOs for PS3?

Cryptic looking for coder to port engine.

Roper working on Champions' longevity

Admits mistakes were made with Hellgate.

Cryptic hires Flagship's Bill Roper

Diablo luminary now on Champions Online.

Champions Online beta sign-up open

PC only, starts in November.

Champions Online to feature UGC

Crytpic plans to let you make stuff.

Shane Kim wants MMOs on Xbox 360

MGS boss still to "crack the code".

Champions Online to link to paper RPG

Original game will follow Cryptic's MMO.

Champions Online: official details

Cel-shaded, self-published, out next year.