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The Cave review

The Cave review

Holesome fun?

Don't call it a comeback. Ron Gilbert may be best known for his series of brilliant point-and-click adventures for LucasArts in the late '80s and early '90s, but the presence of item-led puzzles in The Cave doesn't automatically mean a return to his roots.

There are genetic traces of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island in this spelunking adventure, which sees Gilbert reunited (sort of) with his former protégé Tim Schafer at Schafer's studio Double Fine. Vending machines serve grog instead of cola, but Gilbert is wise enough not to lean too heavily on past glories. Instead, he's taken the basics of the point-and-click genre and come up with a twist on the formula that makes it a better fit for today's gamer.

Most noticeably, there's no pointing or clicking. This is as much co-operative platform game as single-player puzzler, and the structure and pace have been updated accordingly. You now have three playable characters, chosen from a rogue's gallery of seven. A scientist, a time traveller, a pair of eerie twins, a hillbilly - it's an eclectic bunch. Descending into the depths of a sentient, self-aware cave system, you'll need to make use of each character's unique skill as well as some of your own brain power to plumb the depths and emerge from the other side.

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