Worth settling for?

First things first: some of us still have normal-person televisions. Catan is yet another game that completely ignores the fact that some people will need to play it on SDTV. Much of the text is tiny. Worse, it's tiny for no particular reason at all. Double-worse, it's actually pretty tiny on an HDTV, too.

This is criminally idiotic, and means Catan gets 0/10 immediately. Or would do, except that would be to play into its hands, wouldn't it? Trying to trick me, eh? Fortunately (for me and developer Big Huge Games), it's nigh-on impossible to ruin a game as tightly designed as The Settlers of Catan, the German hex-based board game on which Catan is based. Even if you try.

Need convincing? Well, it doesn't sound very exciting (for example, I've used the word "hex"), but when you put it under the magnifying glass (as some of us will have to - no I'm not going to stop grumbling about it), and put together a group with two or three other people, Catan is actually a fast-paced game of subtle depth.

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XBL: Catan, Centipede, Millipede

Colon this, colon that.

Microsoft continues to make good on its promise to deliver more Xbox Live Arcade games more often, announcing that tomorrow at 9am GMT we'll be getting three: Catan, Centipede and Millipede. Yes, we can hardly contain ourselves either.