Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Features

Feature"We got caught in a s***storm"

The makers of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow hit back.

In October 2010, a little-known Spanish developer, backed by a veteran Konami employee finally given his shot at the bigtime, released a reboot of one of the most beloved Japanese-created games of all time. Despite concern among the franchise's most ardent fans, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow launched to critical and commercial acclaim. The overlords at Konami were pleased.

EGXKonami's Eurogamer Expo line-up includes Metal Gear Rising and PES 2013

Plus Castlevania 3DS and ZOE HD. All playable. Plus prizes. Plus other stuff. Plus plus!

Expoooooooo! There are now only 78 days to go until this year's epic Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court on 27th-30th September. Today we're announcing that Konami is bringing its biggest-ever playable line-up, allowing you to go hands-on with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PES 2013, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate on 3DS.

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Preview: MercurySteam's Old-School Sequel

About five minutes into my interview with Castlevania producer David Cox I thought he had given me loads of exciting details about Lords of Shadow 2. It'll be set an open castle. You'll play as four characters. You'll be able to take notes using your stylus. Wait a minute... That doesn't sound right.

"Are we talking about Mirror of Fate or Lords of Shadow 2?" I ask.

"Mirror of Fate."

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