Carcassonne coming to iPhone, iPad

German board game hits this month.

German developer The Coding Monkeys has announced that a version of the popular German board game Carcassonne will hit the Apple App Store sometime in May.



Feeling board?

Well! It sure looks like things have got a little interesting for Xbox Live gamers in the market for a board game designed by a German with a title that begins with the letter C, huh? With the release of Carcassonne, based on Klaus-Jürgen Wrede's tile-based landscape building game, the amount of options has literally doubled.

For two to five players, Carcassonne gives each player seven pieces, representing followers, and tasks players with building castles, monasteries, roads and fields by connecting four sided tiles in a logical manner to build a landscape. A feature is "claimed" by placing a follower upon a tile as it is placed and points are gained by completing features that have a follower upon them.

For example, a castle is completed once the city walls are connected, scoring points for each tile the castle spans. Once a feature is completed the follower is returned to the player, though followers placed in fields are never returned to the players, acting as "farmers"; only being scored at the end of the game after the final tile is played. The player with the most points wins.

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Carcassonne arriving tomorrow

On Xbox Live Arcade.

Not merely content with the prospect of iceberg-saving Lumines bonuses, Microsoft has queued up the Sierra Online version of boardgame Carcassonne for release on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow morning.