Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded

Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded

Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded

A present from the past.

Like many stalwart publishers, Capcom has been busy spilling its retro guts over as many platforms as it can manage lately. And why not? When you've amassed a back catalogue as vast and impressive as this legendary company has over the decades, it seems almost rude to keep them locked away in the vaults, or, at best, the preserve of the emulation community. Besides, emulation has come so far that we're now, finally, in the position of being able to play perfectly replicated versions of our childhood faves on handheld systems like the PSP.

Perhaps mindful of the emulation crowd, Capcom has put a fair bit of effort into its PSP compilations. So much so, in fact, you really won't mind having to spend money on games that you've had sitting on your PC hard drive for years. Top of the list of Really Good Ideas is the presence of wireless multiplayer for six of the titles included. And it's not just any old wireless multiplayer: this is the holy grail, i.e. one that only requires one disc; something the previous 'Remix' selection neglected to offer.

The ability to play games like Mercs, 1943, Ghosts 'N Goblins, Pirate Ship Higemaru, Son Son, and King of Dragons in wireless multiplayer without having to buy a second copy of the game is a crucial feature that big retro fans will love [bear in mind it's time limited for about five minutes, though -Ed]. It's one of those things we wish was a standard feature of all handheld games, though it's a real shame it doesn't extend to titles like Street Fighter II, for instance - but with timing such an integral facet of the gameplay, perhaps Capcom felt that lag would destroy the entire experience.

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