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We look at Canis Canem Edit's music, and chat to maestro Shawn Lee.

Peculiarly, perhaps, for a company called Rockstar, we don't generally associate the publisher's games with amazing and original music. Grand Theft Auto, its most successful series, has a few radio jingles and began life with music produced in-house, but since then has given this over to a flourishing licensing department whose endeavours have been compiled into huge soundtrack sets - the latest, San Andreas, featuring eight CDs of music. For Canis Canem Edit (née Bully), however, the company found it necessary to approach from a different perspective, as Rockstar soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich told Eurogamer ahead of the game's release.

Canis Canem Edit

Extensive hands-on with what looks like Rockstar's best game since GTA.

At the risk of plagiarising John's excellent review of Pathologic... Actually, where's the risk in plagiarising John? I can simply poke him in the stomach! Prod. So: "Living city". It's a misnomer, for the most part. The city only ever lives when you start changing it. If you don't start, it never will.

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Rockstar takes us to school.

Bullying takes many forms. I've experienced lots myself. Name-calling was pretty bad. And having things flicked at me - especially those revolting spit balls. It persists throughout life, so you grow a thick skin. Which helps when, say, you're caught making a fairly innocuous piece of software by a gang of influential loudmouths who then band together and slag you off without bothering to see what it's like first.