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A recent survey of 10 million mobile gamers claimed only 2.2 per cent of the free-to-play audience spent any money at all. That's worrying - does it mean developers are deliberately designing games to cater for the minuscule minority rather than the vast majority?

King's trademark dispute with CandySwipe dev has been resolved

Things are all good with The Banner Saga dev too.

Candy Crush Saga publisher King was getting a lot of flak last year over its trademark of the words "candy" and saga". This led to David vs Goliath-esque legal battles between King and indie devs like The Banner Saga developer Stoic, and CandySwipe developer Albert Ransom. The Candy Crush Saga publisher eventually decided to back down in the US and it looks like Stoic and Ransom have come to amicable terms with the mighty publishing giant.

Cut the Rope dev hopes to cancel King's "candy" trademark's trademark of the word "candy" is being fought by ZeptoLab, the developer of mobile hit Cut the Rope.

ZeptoLab submitted its claim on the basis that candy was a key item in its own game, and that King's controversial trademark blocked fair use of the word by the development community as a whole.

If successful, ZeptoLab's move could see King's European trademark cancelled, and any future attempt to expand the trademark elsewhere blocked, Yahoo News reported.

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"We should never have published Pac-Avoid," King admits

Clone dev still calls Candy Crush publisher "deceitful and hypocritical."

Following accusations of knowingly cloning the game Scamperghost, King CEO Riccardo Zacconi has issued an open letter to the community addressing the issue of the publisher cloning games, as well as being a trademark troll.