Call of Duty: World at War


Call of Duty: World at War now on Xbox One via backward compatibility

UPDATE: Smoother performance than the Xbox 360 original, says Digital Foundry.

18 million Black Ops map packs sold

Average user spends $76 on the game.

Call of Duty: World at War now on Xbox One via backward compatibility

UPDATE: Smoother performance than the Xbox 360 original, says Digital Foundry.

18 million Black Ops map packs sold

Average user spends $76 on the game.

Call of Duty takes top two XBL spots

Black Ops dethrones Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: The War Collection spotted

Retailers list WWII-themed three-pack.

Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty

Activision confirms project in conference call.

Three COD games coming in two years

Acti talks IW bonuses, creative freedom.

Activision to "monetise" COD online

"There is demand from gamers to pay."

COD:WAW map packs cheap this week

DLC trio snipped to 400 MSP each.

COD: WAW maps net nearly $70m

DLC proves profitable for Activision.

Sony declines to comment on Killzone 3

Report says game out next year.

COD: WAW PC to get new map pack

Third batch of new stuff coming next week.

COD: WAW for PC now half-price

But only till tomorrow, mind.

Free COD:WAW iPhone app launches

Track stats, stalk friends.

COD: World at War maps this week

Map Pack 3 released on Thursday.

More COD:WAW maps in August

Der Reisse up our street.

PC COD:WAW patch includes maps

Date likely to be announced this week.

COD: WAW map pack 2 tomorrow

Zombies, maps. It's all gravey.

Guitar Hero to become reality TV show?

So Reuters reckons. Plus: COD film.

Sales of COD map pack hit 2 million

Next batch of DLC on track for June.

New COD: World at War maps in June

Three multiplayer, one zombie.

COD pack downloaded 1 million times

And that's just in the opening weekend.

Call of Duty: World at War DLC live

Map Pack 1 up today on XBL and PSN.

COD5 demo on Live, DLC dated

Zombie asylum and friends next Thurs.

COD5 XP boost, UT3 Black free weekend

UT bundle includes Titan Pack access.

World at War map pack detailed

More maps, zombies. And due March.

More Nazi zombies for World at War

To be stuffed in first DLC map pack.

Mario Kart Wii tops global charts for 2008

Nintendo first-party games dominate.

COD's zombie Nazis unlocked for consoles

Nacht der Untoten playlist set free.

Treyarch explains PC patch process

Helps fans cope with lengthy wait.

Call of Duty finishes 2008 on top

UK Charts: Mario Kart best-selling SKU.

Call of Duty still dominant in UK

But LittleBigPlanet starts to sell.

Gears 2 tops US chart for November

COD and Wii titles also doing well.

UK charts: World at War still raging

Prince of Persia, Animal Crossing less so.

Feature | Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Tips

Bonus feature: strategies for battlegrounds.

Plenty of World at War DLC on the way

First of "mysterious" batch in New Year.

Euro Call of Duty double-XP week

Starting on Friday for PC and 360.

UK charts: COD still biggest fish

Resistance 2 hits, Sonic misses.

UK charts: World at War sees off Lara

Newcomers struggle. Full top 40 inside.

COD: World at War mod tools released

Change the outcome on the PC.

World at War loses out in Live chart

Top in the UK, fourth on Xbox 360.

UK charts: World at War calls the shots

Banjo, Mirror's Edge, Wii Music struggle.

Call of Duty: World at War patch out

Features 317MB of fixes for the PC version.

COD5 is "different game" to COD4

Comparison unfair, says under-fire producer.

COD4 man gets cross with Activision exec

Fed up of "bulls***" from "super douche".

Why Activision dumped Sierra's games

They weren't "exploitable enough".

COD: WAW 360 beta open to all

Free download from the marketplace.

Call of Duty: WAW PC beta begins

Keys available over at official site.

Call of Duty: World at War

Competitive co-op.

Call of Duty 5 PC beta details

Friends lists, invites, clan tags, etc.

Call of Duty: World at War

Embedded report from the multiplayer beta.

Call of Duty PC beta still coming

Plus: details of the 360 content.

Thousands of COD X360 keys soon

World at War, EG holding gate open.

Call of Duty 5 gets Euro date, beta

PC and 360 tests to open in October.

Call of Duty: World at War dated

Out in the US in early November.

COD 'didn't finish telling WWII story'

World At War not simply "going back".

Feature | Call of Duty: World at War

Don't look back in anger.

Treyarch sorry for slating BIA

It's not "a crappy war game" after all.

First Call of Duty 5 trailer premieres

Watch it now on Eurogamer TV.

Co-op confirmed for Call of Duty 5

Online and offline. Plus flamethrowers.

COD5 video premiere approaching

Exclusively live on Marketplace this weekend.

MS SingStar game, SK's The Crucible, more

Yes, it's Intellisponse again. Tons more.

Call of Duty 5 name and details

Set in WWII, by Treyarch, has co-op.

Call of Duty 5 to feature 'new theatre'

Series will return to PS2 and Wii.