Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 News

There was a canned third-person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam

Project ditched to get Modern Warfare 3 finished.

Call of Duty series enters three-year dev cycle

Sledgehammer Games will round out the dev trio.

COD: Black Ops 2 earns more money in 24 hours than Black Ops 1, maybe Modern Warfare 3

But actual sales figures aren't, for first time, revealed.

The next Call of Duty is a Modern Warfare game - report

John "Soap" MacTavish in a flashback scene set in Somalia.

Modern Warfare 4 leaked by Captain Price voice actor

UPDATE: Infinity Ward "We've not talked with any voice actors, so all news is speculation."

Counter-Strike: GO misses PlayStation Store for fourth week

Digital releases for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 aim to scratch your multiplayer itch instead.

Final Modern Warfare 3 DLC release date, details

One last push before Black Ops 2.

Activision slapped over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 TV ad

Eight-month-old TV spot sparked two complaints.

Call of Duty Elite Xbox 360, PS3 July content drops detailed

New maps, Spec Ops missions and MW2 classic Terminal.

Father blames Microsoft as son spends £1150 on Xbox Live

"He didn't realise it was costing real money."

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters on EU PlayStation Store

Plus: Modern Warfare 3 DLC! Magic 2013! Journey demo!

Next Modern Warfare 3 DLC detailed, dated for Xbox 360

New Spec Ops mission and Faceoff maps incoming.

20-year-old jailed for Call of Duty hack that was really a virus

Kent man made $1-5 a pop selling credit card details.

Activision pays out $42m to former Modern Warfare devs

Ex-Infinity Ward staff awarded £26 million pre-trial payout.

Call of Duty sales "aren't down, they're just different"

Infinity Ward producer on the future of Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Elite has 10 million users, 2 million pay

Activision updates stats, announces revenue drop.

New Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer mode announced

Face-Off coming in second DLC collection later this month.

Modern Warfare 3 free to play on Steam this weekend

Multiplayer only, starts Thursday evening.

Ex-Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling founds new game studio

Stresses need for "complete control" over work.

Tactics-based Call of Duty spin-off prototype unearthed

Clip from cancelled Vicarious Visions' project shows up online.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 maps hit Xbox 360 Elite subscribers today

Foundation and Sanctuary teased with new screenshot.

Robert Bowling quits Infinity Ward, Call of Duty

Public face of Modern Warfare signs off.

Activision: combating Call of Duty cheaters is a "struggle"

But, "we try not to have too heavy of a hand."

Activision: Elite "needs to be in" the next Call of Duty

The future of the digital platform revealed.

Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC dated for PS3

UPDATE: Activision retracts "mistake" date.

Activision clarifies Call of Duty Elite 2.0 talk

No, you won't have to buy a second subscription.

Modern Warfare 3, Just Dance top January US chart

NPD reports "steep declines" in software and hardware sales.

Activision promises "meaningful innovation" in next Call of Duty

Plus, announces work is underway on Call of Duty Elite 2.0.

Modern Warfare 3 has 12% more online gamers than Black Ops

Plus, Call of Duty Elite racks up more than 1.5m premium subs.

Next round of Modern Warfare 3 DLC announced

New map this month, Spec Ops missions in March.

First Modern Warfare 3 DLC drop dated for PS3

But still no word on PC release.

Modern Warfare 3 Title Update 8 released on Xbox Live

Striker nerf! YouTube upload speeds increased!

COD Elite-issued MW3 maps locked to one XBL Gamertag

Appears to contradict terms of usage.

Modern Warfare 3 DLC schedule for 2012 revealed

New maps, missions, modes planned out.

Megaupload founder among world's top Modern Warfare 3 players

Busted file-sharing boss YouTubed his skills.

GTA5, COD to account for quarter of all year's game sales - report

Gaming's biggest franchises to dominate coming financial year.

Infinity Ward mentions "next generation" in job posting

We're sorry. This stuff is like catnip though, seriously.

Inside Activision on the day Modern Warfare 3 leaked

Hirshberg: "I'd just had surgery on my lower back, and my iPhone starts vibrating..."

Modern Warfare 3, Xbox 360 top US 2011 charts

Plus, full December top 10 revealed.

UK 2011 Modern Warfare 3 sales lower than 2010 Black Ops sales

Adele heads list of last year's most popular entertainment.

The best selling UK video games of 2011

All together, and platform by platform.

First Modern Warfare 3 DLC release date and details

Infinity Ward explains who gets what and when.

UK Top 40: FIFA 12 enters 2012 in top spot

EA footy outing kicks new year chart.

The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

Can you guess what it is yet?

Skyrim is UK Christmas 2011 number one

Ends EA/Activision's 8-year dominance.

New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gameplay modes added

Title update addresses host disadvantage and lag compensation.

Infinity Ward issues 5000 day Modern Warfare 3 permabans

For boosting, cheating, hacking, exploiting…

Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3 online matchmaking problem

Limited to unsupported Live regions only?

Modern Warfare 3 hot-fix December update

And what Infinity Ward is working on.

Google Street View turned into an FPS

Ad firm lets you turn an assault rifle on your hometown.

Modern Warfare 3 sells 8.9m in debut US month - report

Less than 100,000 of those were on Wii.

Activision: MW3 made $1bn a day quicker than Avatar

Call of Duty community hits 30 million.

UK Top 40: Skyrim dethrones Modern Warfare 3

Sales soar 145 per cent after price cuts.

Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim dominate crowded November US sales chart

Halo, Mario, Sonic, Rayman, Need For Speed miss top 10.

Activision denies storing Call of Duty Elite passwords in plain text

But promises to change password recovery procedure.

New Nvidia GeForce drivers for Skyrim, MW3

And for Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 does the business for Sainsbury's

Its best-selling product by value during launch week.

UK Top 40: Rayman Origins, LOTR: War in the North disappoint

While Modern Warfare 3 wins third week top.

Call of Duty Elite Friday Night Fights starts this week

Army vs Navy showdown kicks things off.

Modern Warfare 3 tops Japanese chart

Plus, top five debut for Saints Row: The Third.

Game Group's share price nose dives

Worth 90% less today than a year ago.

One million pay for Call of Duty Elite

More than four million have registered.

UK Top 40: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 denies Assassin's Creed

Saint's Row 4th, Zelda 7th, Need for Speed 11th.

Infinity Ward bans Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 cheaters

"Every ban unique to the level of douchiness of the offense."

Call of Duty Elite at full strength by 1st December

Beachhead discusses troubled launch.

Why the Call of Duty brand can't compete with Star Wars

People can't tell military shooters apart, brand expert says.

GameStop sells 600,000 Call of Duty Elite memberships

One of GameStop's top 10 launches of the year so far.

Activision: Call of Duty Elite status improving

Premium members placed "at the head of the line".

Game Group suffers from "extraordinary" economic times

Big games tailing off quicker than they used to.

Activision can't guarantee Call of Duty Elite will launch on PC

"We are working towards a universal Elite experience."

COD vs BF3 sales war: who's the real victor?

Honours are even, reckon analysts.

Call of Duty Elite mobile app delayed

Activision doesn't want to overload stressed servers.

UK top 40: Modern Warfare 3 sells fewer than Black Ops

Skyrim, second, is fifth biggest of 2011.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 biggest entertainment launch ever

Life-to-date COD sales beat Star Wars, Lord of the Rings box office.

Call of Duty Elite members get one month free

Activision makes good for ongoing launch hiccups.

EU PlayStation Store update 9th November

Premier Manager! COD Elite! Black Ops for £47.99!

Modern Warfare 3 day 1 shipments "largest in history"

And COD Elite "exceeds optimistic expectations".

Sledgehammer: Modern Warfare 3 isn't camper-friendly

Condrey takes a pot shot at Battlefield 3.

Infinity Ward: it's "better for the industry" if MW3 and BF3 succeed

Studio is "friends" with DICE, producer blasts EA "silly talk".

Bookies paying out on Call of Duty for Xmas no. 1

"This contest is well and truly over."

Out This Week - 11/11/11

Modern Warfare 3! Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim!

UK Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 price roundup

Online, supermarkets, shops, trade-ins, eBay.

Sledgehammer defends controversial Modern Warfare 3 content

"It's not a matter of trying to be gratuitous."

Activision: no plans to ban "legit" early MW3 players

"But try to wait til midnight launch."

Sledgehammer: PS3/360 "raw horsepower" nearly exhausted

Don't expect graphical leaps and bounds.

UK Modern Warfare 3 midnight launches

Oh COD, here we go again.

Call of Duty: Elite PC delayed, has reduced functionality

"The PC is an insecure platform" says Activision.

Fusion: Genesis release date, price

What's on Xbox Live this month?

Modern Warfare 3 PC questions answered

"We value the PC player," says Infinity Ward.

Modern Warfare favourite for Christmas #1

Ladbrokes reckons it's a shoo-in.

COD Elite beta shutting down tonight

Beta activity carries over.

COD dev apologises over BF3 bugs jibe

"No disrespect intended."

Dev defends ageing Call of Duty engine

"This thing is a Porsche."

Sledgehammer boss dismisses BF3 rivalry

Plus, why there's no Modern Warfare 3 beta.

New MW3 gameplay during England game

Rooney still ready to play.

MW3 double XP for Game pre-order

Classified Intel Pack detailed.

IW vows to combat PC cheats in MW3

"There's been a lot of work put into it."

Activision: COD Elite to set a precedent

Social network add-ons to be a "necessity".

US gamers buy snacks for MW3 double XP

Buy Mountain Dew, Doritos for POWER.

No Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Edition

Hardened Edition the only Collector's Edition.

Modern Warfare 3 at Eurogamer Expo

Playable throughout the show.

Activision ousts owner

But still taunts publisher.

Modern Warfare 3 PC has LAN support

Plus detailed game mod options.

COD Elite promotes gamer "respect"

"Creates a social contract" - Activision.

Activision: Call of Duty busies 500+ devs

"It takes a village in this case."

Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 price £270

320GB model, game, two controllers.

Limited ed. Modern Warfare 3 360 coming

COD-branded headset and controller too.

How Infinity Ward re-built itself

Alcohol helped, apparently.

Call of Duty Elite premium sub priced

What you get for your £34.99.

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer detailed

Something to perk you up.

Sledgehammer's cancelled Call of Duty

Prototype was "pretty compelling".

Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Ed. contents

Leaked image shows off collector's set.

Modern Warfare 3 PC to use Steamworks

Steam taking pre-purchases now.

Acti vs. EA: the trash talk continues

EA: "Welcome to the big leagues Eric."

EA: BF will outsell COD - eventually

"We did it with FIFA and PES."

Activision condemns EA "mudslinging"

COD vs BF3 banter "hurts the industry."

Dev says fans will want COD Elite premium

"Missing the target" if it's not a "slam dunk".

Dedicated servers for Mod Warfare 3 PC

Plus: COD Elite "console app" planned.

Ridley Scott making COD Elite content

Alien director answers the call.

COD: Modern Warfare 3 DS announced

Dev explains why 3DS misses out.

Treyarch making Modern Warfare 3 Wii

Black Ops dev announces new project.

Modern Warfare 3 Wii confirmed

Nobody will be "left out of the excitement".

How Microsoft polices Xbox Live

"We focus on the really bad stuff."

BF3 dev responds to fan frame-rate fury

Gamers disappointed at console 30FPS.

Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition

Infinity Ward releases first image.

BF3 pre-orders on a par with Black Ops

Analyst raises sales estimate.

Industry foresees free-to-play future

Free-to-play Call of Duty could change industry.

Robert Bowling will buy Battlefield 3

MW man says, "You should be getting both."

Game: MW3 to smash pre-order record

Moves past Black Ops with ease.

Activision vs.

Pub wants ownership transferred.

MW3 multiplayer inspired by COD4

Dev wants less hiding, more "gun-on-gun".

Modern Warfare 3 to permit Party Chat

Only Search & Destroy still exempt.

COD: Elite beta kicks off today

2 million volunteers ready to serve.

ModernWarfare3 directs to Battlefield 3

But who is the website trickster?

Colour Blind Assist option for MW3

To help nearly one million COD players.

Battlefield 3: "no supervillains"

DICE doesn't want to pick sides.

CODCon: Call of Duty XP event announced

12-acres! Maps made real! MW3! COD Elite!

MW3 makers dig at Battlefield 3's 30FPS

"60 is our competitive edge."

Infinity Ward "lifers" working on MW3

Activision calms fears after mass exodus.

Sledgehammer's COD spin-off sidelined

"Franchise extension" could still happen.

Call of Duty: Elite still has secrets

Activision purposely held things back.

EA attacks Call of Duty: Elite strategy

Hopes franchise will "rot from the core".

Bobby Kotick in new Brad Pitt movie?

Acti boss answers call of acting duty.

Huge Call of Duty: Elite beta sign-ups

"More would be even better."

Ancel attacks gratuitous FPS violence

Devs should take inspiration from movies.

Dedicated Modern Warfare 3 PC servers?

Infinity Ward: "We're having conversations."

Blacklight dev slags off Call of Duty: Elite

"There's always going to be that jerk."

Will you pay to play Battlefield online?

"We're not charging for this one," says EA.

Xbox 360 gets Modern Warfare 3 Exclusivity

Map packs and add-ons coming first to Microsoft’s console.

COD Elite: What you'll get for free

"Even the haters can play for free."

Acti thanks EA for hyping Call of Duty

"I know they are focused on us."

How much will Call of Duty: Elite cost?

Analysts put price at around £3 a month.

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details leak

Nukes out, new perks and killstreaks in.

COD TV series for Call of Duty: Elite

"Top Hollywood talent" enrolled.

No competitive advantage with COD: Elite

"You can't buy your way into Prestige."

Activision: COD Elite will kill cheaters

Dedicated staff ensure nothing "exposed".

Call of Duty: Elite explained

Career, Connect, Compete and Improve.

Call of Duty Elite adds monthly fee

But, you won't pay to play online.

Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops detailed

New Survival Mode added.

Daily Mail links MW3 to 7/7 bombings

"A chilling echo of the terrorist attacks."

Modern Warfare 3 to "push genre forward"

Plus, 8th November release confirmed.

Acti: MW3 leak became marketing win

But still hasn't identified perpetrator.

Modern Warfare 3 patches a "major focus"

Infinity Ward heard your feedback.

Modern Warfare 3 release date

Amazon confirms 8th November launch.

IW makes COD: Modern Warfare 3 official

Four official teaser trailers hit the internet.

Huge Modern Warfare 3 detail spillage

Entire story revealed. But not here.