Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified Features

Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Preview: Stripped Black

FeatureCall of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Preview: Stripped Black

Nihilistic's Declassified strips back the CoD experience - but could it be a little too bare?

It's Call of Duty, and it's on a Vita. After a slow start, Sony are likely hoping that combination alone will give the handheld the boost it so desperately needs, but a glimpse at Black Ops Declassified gives some indication of why it's taken over a year for a serious look at the game.

Call of Duty's always been a game that's spartan with its looks, the run-down shanties and sprawling complexes all being smoothed over by that trademark 60fps refresh rate. That's not a feature of the Vita version, which is no real surprise - but what's left behind looks far from appealing.

Shattered, one of six multiplayer maps that's available, is a mess of rubble, overturned cars and bombed out buildings, a central alleyway running down the spine of the map. Without that frame rate, and with only eight players ever able to run through its corridors and cramped spaces, it's a bleak looking affair.

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