Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation pack

Key events

COD: Black Ops PC and PS3 patch released

Security updates, exploit fixes.

EU PlayStation Store update 27th July

Annihilation! NFS sale! LA Noire DLC!

Black Ops Annihilation PS3 release date

UPDATE: PC release date revealed, too.

CODCon: Call of Duty XP event announced

12-acres! Maps made real! MW3! COD Elite!

Treyarch teases more COD Black Ops DLC

Will you buy a fourth map pack?

VideoBlack Ops: Annihilation's zombie footage

Jungle! Mine-carts! Explosive monkeys!

VideoBlack Ops Annihilation DLC trailered

Hits Xbox 360 on 28th June.

VideoCOD: Black Ops Annihilation footage

Treyarch takes you through new maps.

New Black Ops zombie map is Shangri-La

"Innovative gameplay," apparently.