Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Jason West Respawn exit confirmed

Vince Zampella looks to E3 showing.

Jason West hasn't worked at Respawn since May last year - report

Left for family reasons after Activision lawsuit was settled.

20-year-old jailed for Call of Duty hack that was really a virus

Kent man made $1-5 a pop selling credit card details.

Ex-Call of Duty dev Robert Bowling founds new game studio

Stresses need for "complete control" over work.

UK Top 40: Rayman Origins, LOTR: War in the North disappoint

While Modern Warfare 3 wins third week top.

Feature | Disabled and Hardcore

The story of the man behind Call of Duty's N0M4D controls.

West/Zampella lawsuit to go to trial

Judge rules Acti must answer fraud charges.

Activision: COD Elite will kill cheaters

Dedicated staff ensure nothing "exposed".

Modern Warfare 3 patches a "major focus"

Infinity Ward heard your feedback.

Zampella/West claim Modern Warfare

Former IW heads accuse Acti of fraud.

Infinity Ward blames MW2 hacks on PS3

Future games won't rely on console security.

COD creators "betrayed" me - Kotick

"We didn't have any choice!"

Acti: IW "will rise from the ashes"

Publisher promises to leave developer alone.

Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty

Activision confirms project in conference call.

Three COD games coming in two years

Acti talks IW bonuses, creative freedom.

Feature | Beyond Infinity

The Infinity Ward spat is a symptom of a wider power struggle between top studios and publishers.

Infinity Ward not doing Mod War 3?

Studio working on new project, says source.

Mod War games too samey, says EA

Boss reckons MOH can topple 'em.

Feature | Modern Warfare 2's Jesse Stern

On how he came to Call of Duty and what makes it tick.

Activision to "monetise" COD online

"There is demand from gamers to pay."

Vernon Kaye hosts Mod War 2 launch

Dexter Fletcher and Black Eyed Pea attend.

Gears 2 cheaters' Gamerscores wiped

Infinity Ward tackling COD fraudsters too.

COD4 has 11m Live, 4m PSN players

Two-thirds of XBL users played it.

Call of Duty 4 takes three BAFTAs

Mario Galaxy crowned Best Game.

BAFTA game nominations revealed

COD4, Fable II, GTAIV, LBP top the bill.

Infinity Ward talks Modern Warfare 2

Bowling spills first details of sequel.

COD4 man gets cross with Activision exec

Fed up of "bulls***" from "super douche".

COD4 Variety maps going half-price

Plus double experience all weekend.

Halo has "a lot to learn" from COD4

So says Bungie's AI boss.

No PS3 Trophies for Resistance or COD4

Ratchet & Clank also a no-no.

COD4 Variety pack free for PC

Thanks for waiting two months.

Call of Duty 4 breaks 10 million

Xbox 360 version outsold others apparently.

Feature | Genetically Modified Gaming

It looks like an MMO, but it isn't an MMO. Yet.

Activision rubbishes COD negotation talk

Infinity Ward not the sole developer.

COD4 PS3 Variety maps this Thursday

Week earlier than expected.

COD4 maps break Xbox Live record

Been downloaded a million times.

COD4 PS3 maps coming on May Day

Double XP bank holiday weekend.

Review | Xbox Live DLC Roundup

Call of Duty 4, Overlord, GRAW 2, Guitar Hero III, Turok and more.

COD4 map pack problems fixed

PS3 now main focus, then PC.

COD 4 maps definitely this week

Take Friday off work, says Infinity Ward.

COD4 Map Pack still "early April"

Activision declines to cement date.

Nearly 1.3m play COD4 "every day"

Halo-beating numbers online.

Feature | Call of Duty 4: Variety Map Pack

Infinity Ward talks maps and beating Halo.

First bonus UT3 maps on US PSN

Plus info on upcoming COD4 maps.

Call of Duty 4 gets GOTY Edition

Comes complete with fancy box and DLC.

Call of Duty 4 patched for 360

PS3 version being tested at IW.

Bungie hopes to knock COD4 off top spot

"We're not walking away from Halo 3."

COD4 is AIAS Game of the Year

As BioShock takes the most awards.

Fresh COD4 maps, "gameplay variety"

Inbound on PS3 and 360 this spring.

DS and Wii outstrip US competition

But Microsoft claims income victory.

Macs to get Spore, Call of Duty 4

This could be the year, Lifestylers.

UK Charts: COD stocks depleted

Now with entire Top 40 list inside.

Call of Duty 4 patch details

Playlist changes, fixes.

COD4 patch hugs snipers

Lag and text fixes, too.

COD5, GH4 confirmed?

ActiBlizz deal leaks word.

Digital Foundry | X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Six

Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and many more. Ding!

Review | DS Roundup

Simpsons, Lego Star Wars, COD4, Tony Hawk and ProStreet.

COD4 PS3 issues solved

Firmware problems fixed.

COD4 conquers Spain, Germany

SmackDown doing well, too.

COD4 Live patch in works

Infinity Ward details tweaks.

COD4 shoots to the top

Charts: Mission accomplished.

EGTV: Exclusive COD4 videos

Direct-feed Xbox 360 footage.

Feature | PS3: 12 Games of Christmas

Tumbling down the chimney.

CoD4 PC demo spotted

Vultures circling carcass, over.

CoD 4 PC demo this week

Thursday, specifically.

Euro CoD4 special edition joy

With actual real SAS film.

More COD4 beta keys

One week left. Last chance.

Get your COD4 beta key here

Giveaway is up and running.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

We report on the XBL multiplayer beta.

COD4 beta keys on Friday

Get them right here.

GC: Call of Duty 4 dated

November in long grass.

COD4 beta registration tonight

At zero-hundred hours, soldier.

PAL Call of Duty 4 dated

Modern Warfare-ly soon.

Feature | 360: 2007's Most Wanted

What will you be getting for Christmas?

E3: COD4 beta 360 exclusive

Multiplayer test only on Live.

Activision "confirms" COD4

The official trailer was presumably just speculation.

Call of Duty 4 revealed

First trailer air-lifted in.

Call of Duty 4 confirmed

"Modern Warfare" details soon.

Call of Duty rumours abound

Two new titles on the way?