Call of Duty 3 News

CoD3 map pack fixed

Game patched for all.

Activision and Treyarch have apologised for the Call of Duty 3 map pack screw-up that saw players forking over 800 Microsoft points for a sizable premium content pack only to discover it didn't work.

Call of Duty 3 maps broken

New DLC doesn't work yet.

Good news and bad news for those of you slugging it out in the third of Activision's Second World War 'em ups: there's a new Xbox Live map pack available, but it, er, doesn't work.

Call of Duty 3 map plans

Xbox add-ons due soon.

Activision plans to start supporting the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 3 with new maps in the near future, the publisher said yesterday.

MS reveals multiple 360 bundles

300 bob for 360, 30 days' Live, and Gears, CoD3 or Smackdown.

With Xbox 360's Gears of War already leaving a trail of bloody competitors in its wake at the top of the UK chart, Microsoft has announced a console-and-game bundle will go on sale this Friday to try and tempt some more newcomers.

New Call of Duty 3 details

New Call of Duty 3 details

Including multiplayer info.

US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly has revealed some interesting new details about Call of Duty 3 - including news that it'll feature a multiplayer mode for up to 24 players.

As detailed on the forums, CoD 3 will offer single or splitscreen multiplayer, and a new 'War' mode. Axis and allied teams will battle for strategic locations and vehicles, and you'll earn new abilities as you earn points - for example, scouts will only be able to call up a couple of artillery barrages at first, but as they gain more experience they can order more sustained attacks.

Gameplay changes will affect the way you do stuff like planting bombs - there's no more plain old pressing of the A button, you've got to go through the proper motions now. You might find yourself attempting to row a boat whilst simultaneously firing at your enemies, and you can expect a bit of hand-to-hand combat too. They're getting rid of the load times between levels, rather neatly.

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Call of Duty 3 Wii details

Call of Duty 3 Wii details

Aim with the remote.

Call of Duty 3 producer Sam Nouriani has confirmed that while the Wii version of the game won't be as graphically exciting as its PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 counterparts, it will use the controller's unique features.

"Typically the reticule in CoD games is centred on the screen. With the [Wii] game, because of its accelerometers and a position-pointing device in the actual remote, we've freed the player up," he says in a recent magazine article, scanned and doing the rounds on the net.

"We're going to be spending quite a bit of time in the coming months tweaking that until we get it just right."

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Call of Duty coming to PSP

War in the palm of your hand.

Having already surprised us with the news that the latest Call of Duty game will not be appearing on PC, Activision has dropped another bombshell in the shape of a dedicated game for Sony's PSP.

Call of Duty 3 from Treyarch

Modern Warfare from IW?

Activision's added further credence to the suggestion that, while the next Call of Duty game will appear on consoles exclusively, series creator Infinity Ward will continue to produce games for the PC.

Activision's next Call of Duty game, due out some time between October and the end of December, will appear on next-gen consoles only according to CEO Bobby Kotick.

Call of Duty rumours abound

Two new titles on the way?

The Internet's at it again - this time with rumours that two new Call of Duty titles are currently in development for PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

CoD2 players threaten to strike

They're not very happy.

Call of Duty fans disgruntled with the game's developer, Infinity Ward, are threatening to shut down servers by embarking on a 24 hour strike.

Call of Duty 3 planned

And more from Infinity Ward.

Ah the job advert. Second only to the US Patent and Trademark Office website for unwanted, unconfirmed revelations about new product. Today's example appears on the website of Call of Duty scribes Infinity Ward, proclaiming that the Activision-owned developer is in the planning stages on Call of Duty 3 and another unnamed PC title based on new intellectual property.