Call of Duty 2 Features

FeatureCall of Duty 2 frame-rates massively improved on Xbox One

Classic Xbox 360 launch title sees anything up to a 2x performance boost.

We didn't see this coming. Call of Duty 2 support for Xbox One backward compatibility arrived yesterday, and the Xbox 360 launch title sees a frankly remarkable increase in performance compared to its showing on original hardware. Lurching dips in frame-rate are ironed out, producing a much more consistent experience that sticks much more closely to its target 60fps.

FeatureCall of Duty 2

John talks to Infinity Ward about its exciting next-generation sequel.

After the recent announcement of a release date for the Xbox 360, it's a pleasure to report that we've had our sticky mitts on one already, and even better, played a selection of levels from the forthcoming PC/360 release, Call of Duty 2.

FeatureCall of Duty 2's advisors on Toujane

A brief Q&A and screenshot provided by publisher Activision.

With the world's biggest videogame trade show, E3, just around the corner, publishers are starting to vie for our attention. Among them is Activision, whose second World War II-themed Call of Duty first-person shooter is due out later this year. As a little teaser prior to the game's full E3 showing next week, the publisher has released the following brief question-and-answer session with two of the game's military advisors - decorated US Army veterans Hank Keirsey and John Hillen - who discuss the significance of the desert tank battle that took place at Toujane as part of the Africa campaign. This transcript is published unedited.