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Call of Duty 2

Finest port?

Call of Duty 2

A bridge too far for the WW2 FPS?

FeatureCall of Duty 2

John talks to Infinity Ward about its exciting next-generation sequel.

Key events

12th April 2006

Call of Duty 2 patched

22nd March 2006

Call of Duty 360 patched

27th February 2006

CoD2 patch coming soon

3rd February 2006

CoD2 360 save-game patch

22nd December 2005

CoD2 anti-cheat patch due soon

2nd December 2005

Call of Duty 2

3rd November 2005

Call of Duty 2

20th October 2005

Call of Duty 2 trailer

FeatureCall of Duty 2 frame-rates massively improved on Xbox One

Classic Xbox 360 launch title sees anything up to a 2x performance boost.

We didn't see this coming. Call of Duty 2 support for Xbox One backward compatibility arrived yesterday, and the Xbox 360 launch title sees a frankly remarkable increase in performance compared to its showing on original hardware. Lurching dips in frame-rate are ironed out, producing a much more consistent experience that sticks much more closely to its target 60fps.

Activision adds games to Steam

Starting with CoD and GUN.

Activision has become the latest high profile game company to dip its toes into Steam (that hissing noise is the sound of the English language having a fit).

CoD2 maps make $1 million

Activision DLC sells loads.

Activision estimates that sales of downloadable content for Call of Duty 2 have generated USD 1 million.

CoD2 Invasion Pack this week

For less points than they said.

Call of Duty 2 fans will be able to get their hands on five new multiplayer maps this week, and they'll cost less than we originally thought, according to Infinity Ward's community manager.

Call of Duty 2 360 map plans

New content on the way.

Activision's announced details of the new maps it plans to release over Xbox Live for Infinity Ward's 360 version of Call of Duty 2.

Call of Duty 2 mod tools

Rockers tools TBC.

As promised, Activision and Infinity Ward have released a selection of mod tools for Call of Duty 2. You don't remember them promising? April 12th 2006, Grant Collier - "it's important to us to continue providing the content and tools that continue to deliver the type of Call of Duty action gamers crave". So there.

Call of Duty 2 patched

Call of Duty 2 patched

New maps, Punkbuster.

Activision and Infinity Ward have released a 1.2 patch for the PC version of Call of Duty 2, introducing Punkbuster anti-cheat support and a pair of new multiplayer maps.

The maps are Rhine, and the Harbour map from the original Call of Duty. The Germany-based Rhine map is the rubble-strewn town of Wallendar, whereas Harbour is based around a port in southern Russia.

Infinity Ward also said it's currently finalising modification tools, including Radiant and Maya plug-ins, with which fans will be able to prepare their own single-player and multiplayer maps. Those should be available "in the coming weeks".

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Call of Duty 360 patched

Call of Duty 360 patched

Next PC update has CoD maps.

Activision and Infinity Ward have patched Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360. Actually, apparently it's a "Title Update", which is a new one on us.

"The Title Update offers significant enhancements, including improved multiplayer performance, the ability to reserve friend slots in private game lobbies, post-game lobbies so friends can play longer, configurable host options and more," they say.

The patch will automatically download and apply itself next time you log onto Xbox Live with Call of Duty 2. All good for 360 owners bored of having a multiplayer WWII game crippled by a lack of obvious features.

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Call of Duty rumours abound

Two new titles on the way?

The Internet's at it again - this time with rumours that two new Call of Duty titles are currently in development for PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

CoD2 patch coming soon

CoD2 patch coming soon

Plus: an update for the 360 game.

Infinity Ward has confirmed that a patch for PC shooter Call of Duty 2 is still on the way - in fact, it's now in the testing stage, so there shouldn't be much longer to wait.

"We're happy to report that this PC update is currently in testing and all is going well. In fact, we are testing these now and will be releasing them soon, so stay tuned," the developer said in a statment.

IW confirmed that the patch will include punkbuster functionality, two new multiplayer maps and HTTP redirect in multiplayer, which means modders can send players to an external website to download their maps and mods. The patch will also repair multiplayer exploits and various minor bugs. Hopefully it'll be enough to placate those angry Call of Duty fans who got so fed up that they threatened to strike last November.

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The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld complaints from three television viewers that adverts depicting scenes from Activision title Call of Duty 2 and its current generation console counterpart CoD2: Big Red One were misleading, and declared that they must not be shown again in their present forms.

CoD2 360 save-game patch

CoD2 360 save-game patch

Multiplayer fixes another time.

Infinity Ward has released a small patch for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2, although those hoping for something to sort out the widely reported lag issues will be disappointed to learn that's not its focus.

"The update that was released today addresses a save game corruption issue that affected player progression for some people within the single player saved campaigns," says an Infinity Ward statement on the forums.

That problem actually saw people lose a big chunk of their progress; weirdly, Activision's previously released a level-select cheat to act as a stop-gap solution.

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CoD2 anti-cheat patch due soon

CoD2 anti-cheat patch due soon

With multiplayer maps to boot.

Activision and Infinity Ward have reconfirmed their intention to patch PC FPS Call of Duty 2 with anti-cheat PunkBuster software and other "support enhancements", announcing that the update will be made available in "early 2006".

The patch will also include new multiplayer maps.

"Our team at Infinity Ward is committed to supporting Call of Duty fans," said IW president Grant Collier, who added, "[we] look forward to delivering new content such as multiplayer maps, tools and anti-cheat software that will further enhance the gameplay experience."

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Activision on CoD2 Xbox 360 bug

Avoid corrupting save data.

Activision has advised gamers of a small bug in the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 2 which can corrupt saved data. The company's working on a fix, but in the meantime has issued some guidance on how to get round it.

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2

Finest port?

Playing PC ports on a console is usually a fairly wretched experience that requires huge reserves of forgiveness and goodwill, but not in this case. At least, not when the huge-value system you're playing it on kicks your beige box into next year.

If there's one thing the Xbox 360 is brilliant at doing right now, it's delivering perfect conversions of the most technically demanding first person shooters: the kind of games that demand a graphics card upgrade that (in some cases) cost even more than the Xbox 360. Case in point: Infinity Ward's 'proper' Call of Duty sequel (We say 'proper', as Activision, of course, has another entirely separate line of CoD games out for PS2, Xbox and Cube).

Having enjoyed another bombastic romp through various theatres of war a month ago, its arrival on the 360 is actually far more exciting than we anticipated, and - joy - doesn't require a lengthy install, patches and driver updates.

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CoD2 players threaten to strike

They're not very happy.

Call of Duty fans disgruntled with the game's developer, Infinity Ward, are threatening to shut down servers by embarking on a 24 hour strike.

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2

A bridge too far for the WW2 FPS?

There are only a couple of things you ever need to know about the arrival of another World War II shooter: is it an improvement on what's gone before, and is there anything remotely original about it? Well, in this case the answer is - slightly predictably - yes and no.

Without the merest flicker of a doubt, Infinity Ward knows how to make cinematic wartime shooters better than anyone else. Just like the 'original' (and we use that term in the loosest sense of the word), it's epic, bombastic, thrilling, exceptionally polished, well-realised and by the end of the 27 missions (over three campaigns, again) it's every bit as entertaining as you'd hope. Not-at-all-shockingly, it's also just as much of a retread as you might fear; maybe that's exactly what you wanted it to be? This is, after all, one of the best-selling styles of game in the world, and tinkering with successful formulas isn't something that billion-dollar publishers are renowned for.

So, what does it improve upon? Lots of things in lots of incremental ways; that is to say the visuals, the audio and a few tweaks to your mission goals, but nothing that changes the gameplay to any great extent. During E3, Infinity Ward went to great lengths to explain how it had improved the AI and the degree of freedom offered to players, adding how much more convincing and immersive the whole experience was. But perhaps the most significant changes have been the little things; for example, the controversial decision to remove health-packs and the quick-save function - regular staples of almost every FPS since id drew up The Rules in 1992.

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Call of Duty 2 trailer

Call of Duty 2 trailer

Now available for download.

A new trailer for forthcoming PC and Xbox 360 WWII shooter Call of Duty 2 is now available for download.

Weighing in at 25MB, it's just over two minutes long and features more guns, tanks, blamblamblams and boomboombooms than you can shake a stick of dynamite at. Well worth a look if you like that sort of thing.

CoD 2 is being developed by the same team who did the original game, in case you didn't know, and promises to deliver "An unparalleled portrayal of the chaos and intensity of WWII." It's powered by an all-new proprietary engine and uses a battle chatter system for authentic dialogue while you're in combat, and the voice acting is done by the blokes out of Band of Brothers.

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Call of Duty 2 demo out

All 665MB of it

Infinity Ward's hugely-anticipated sequel to Call of Duty 2 isn't due out for another two months, but while we await the game's PC and Xbox 360 release you can now check out a huge single player demo that shows off some of the game's new features in all their glory.

FeatureCall of Duty 2

John talks to Infinity Ward about its exciting next-generation sequel.

After the recent announcement of a release date for the Xbox 360, it's a pleasure to report that we've had our sticky mitts on one already, and even better, played a selection of levels from the forthcoming PC/360 release, Call of Duty 2.

FeatureCall of Duty 2's advisors on Toujane

A brief Q&A and screenshot provided by publisher Activision.

With the world's biggest videogame trade show, E3, just around the corner, publishers are starting to vie for our attention. Among them is Activision, whose second World War II-themed Call of Duty first-person shooter is due out later this year. As a little teaser prior to the game's full E3 showing next week, the publisher has released the following brief question-and-answer session with two of the game's military advisors - decorated US Army veterans Hank Keirsey and John Hillen - who discuss the significance of the desert tank battle that took place at Toujane as part of the Africa campaign. This transcript is published unedited.

Call of Duty 2: first screens

Three new hi-res images from the wartime shooter. Jolly good show.

The sequel to 2003's award-winning PC shooter Call of Duty is marching our way this autumn, and judging by some newly-released screenshots it's coming along very nicely indeed.