Call of Duty 2


VideoWatch: Standby for Operation Nostalgia as Ian plays Call of Duty 2

It's our regular Wednesday stream, live at 3:30pm.

Call of Duty 2

Finest port?

Call of Duty 2

A bridge too far for the WW2 FPS?

FeatureCall of Duty 2

John talks to Infinity Ward about its exciting next-generation sequel.

Key events

12th April 2006

Call of Duty 2 patched

22nd March 2006

Call of Duty 360 patched

27th February 2006

CoD2 patch coming soon

3rd February 2006

CoD2 360 save-game patch

22nd December 2005

CoD2 anti-cheat patch due soon

2nd December 2005

Call of Duty 2

3rd November 2005

Call of Duty 2

20th October 2005

Call of Duty 2 trailer

FeatureCall of Duty 2 frame-rates massively improved on Xbox One

Classic Xbox 360 launch title sees anything up to a 2x performance boost.

VideoWatch: Standby for Operation Nostalgia as Ian plays Call of Duty 2

It's our regular Wednesday stream, live at 3:30pm.

Call of Duty 2 now available on Xbox One backwards compatibility

No cows were harmed in the making of this game.

Call of Duty: The War Collection spotted

Retailers list WWII-themed three-pack.

Infinity Ward working on Call of Duty

Activision confirms project in conference call.

Three COD games coming in two years

Acti talks IW bonuses, creative freedom.

Activision to "monetise" COD online

"There is demand from gamers to pay."

Activision adds games to Steam

Starting with CoD and GUN.

CoD2 maps make $1 million

Activision DLC sells loads.

New maps for Call of Duty 2

Dutiful reporting.

CoD2 Invasion Pack this week

For less points than they said.

Xbox Live top ten most played

CoD2 tops the charts.

Call of Duty 2 360 map plans

New content on the way.

Call of Duty 2 mod tools

Rockers tools TBC.

Call of Duty 2 patched

New maps, Punkbuster.

Call of Duty 360 patched

Next PC update has CoD maps.

Call of Duty rumours abound

Two new titles on the way?

CoD2 patch coming soon

Plus: an update for the 360 game.

CoD2 360 save-game patch

Multiplayer fixes another time.

Customise COD2 multiplayer

Thanks to handy glitch.

CoD2 anti-cheat patch due soon

With multiplayer maps to boot.

Activision on CoD2 Xbox 360 bug

Avoid corrupting save data.

Activision responds to CoD2 fans

Anti-cheat solution on the way.

Call of Duty 2

Finest port?

CoD2 players threaten to strike

They're not very happy.

Call of Duty 2

A bridge too far for the WW2 FPS?

Call of Duty 2 trailer

Now available for download.

Call of Duty 2 demo out

All 665MB of it

FeatureCall of Duty 2

John talks to Infinity Ward about its exciting next-generation sequel.

FeatureCall of Duty 2's advisors on Toujane

A brief Q&A and screenshot provided by publisher Activision.

Call of Duty 2: first screens

Three new hi-res images from the wartime shooter. Jolly good show.