Bust-A-Move Bash!



All busted up.

Just how many versions of Bust A Move does the world need? Faced with row upon row of Wii games in your average game store, yet another version of Taito's relentlessly repackaged bubble bursting puzzler isn't exactly going to jump out at you. So what's special about this one, then?

If you were a betting man, you'd probably put your life savings on the "intuitive", "innovative", and "mostly underutilised" Wii remote being used in order to aim your 'attack bubble' with fluid precision. Ding. You are a winner.

Initial impressions are pretty favourable. The core bubble matching premise of yore remains utterly unaltered, meaning the entire point of the game is to simply fire bubbles upwards, and eliminate those above by matching three or more of the same colour. Simple, instantly playable, and massively addictive. Or so you'd imagine, anyway. What could possibly go wrong with this timeless formula?

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