Bulletstorm Videos

Digital Foundry | Bulletstorm PS3/PC Face-Off

The Sony platform faces off against PC.

Digital Foundry | Bulletstorm 360/PC Face-Off

Computer against console in this comparison.

Digital Foundry | Bulletstorm Light Shaft PS3/360/PC Comparison

New UE3 visual effect compared on all platforms.

Digital Foundry | Bulletstorm Input Lag Analysis

Game lag measured on PC, 360 and PS3.

Video | Bulletstorm - first 15 minutes

The game's campaign mode kicks off.

Video | Bulletstorm's demo from start to finish

We blast through the foul-mouthed FPS.

Video | Bulletstorm demo gets blistering trailer

Ready for your download queue now.

Video | Messy new Bulletstorm trailer

Demo hits XBL/PSN this week.

Video | More tasteful Bulletstorm footage

Cliffy B dreams up another teaser.

Video | Happy holidays from Bulletstorm

Make the halls all guts and gory.

Video | Sweary Bulletstorm character dev diary

"The premier badass of m*****f*** town."

Video | New Bulletstorm trailer tiptoes in

Dildos, dinosaurs and destruction.

Video | Bulletstorm developer commentary

Epic fires off about the game.

Video | EGTV: Tanya Jesson talks Bulletstorm

"The Burnout of shooters" explained.

Video | Cliff Bleszinski talks Bulletstorm

"Where'd that giant d*** come from?"

Video | Kick, shoot and quip in Bulletstorm

First trailer for People Can Fly's FPS.