Bulletstorm Videos

Digital FoundryBulletstorm PS3/360 Gameplay Performance

Frame-rate tests on in-game action.

Digital FoundryBulletstorm PS3/PC Face-Off

The Sony platform faces off against PC.

Digital FoundryBulletstorm 360/PC Face-Off

Computer against console in this comparison.

Digital FoundryBulletstorm PS3/360 Face-Off

Console versions head-to-head.

Digital FoundryBulletstorm Light Shaft PS3/360/PC Comparison

New UE3 visual effect compared on all platforms.

Digital FoundryBulletstorm Input Lag Analysis

Game lag measured on PC, 360 and PS3.

VideoBulletstorm - first 15 minutes

The game's campaign mode kicks off.

VideoBulletstorm launch trailer blasts in

Out in Europe this Friday.

VideoBulletstorm's demo from start to finish

We blast through the foul-mouthed FPS.

VideoBulletstorm demo gets blistering trailer

Ready for your download queue now.

VideoMessy new Bulletstorm trailer

Demo hits XBL/PSN this week.

VideoMore tasteful Bulletstorm footage

Cliffy B dreams up another teaser.

VideoBulletstorm diary blasts new footage

Even includes shower scene.

VideoHappy holidays from Bulletstorm

Make the halls all guts and gory.

VideoSweary Bulletstorm character dev diary

"The premier badass of m*****f*** town."

VideoNew Bulletstorm trailer tiptoes in

Dildos, dinosaurs and destruction.

VideoBulletstorm developer commentary

Epic fires off about the game.

VideoEGTV: Tanya Jesson talks Bulletstorm

"The Burnout of shooters" explained.

VideoCliff Bleszinski talks Bulletstorm

"Where'd that giant d*** come from?"

VideoKick, shoot and quip in Bulletstorm

First trailer for People Can Fly's FPS.