Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch DLC revealed

Atari plays dress up.

Xbox 360 shooter Bullet Witch has been beefed up today with the arrival of some downloadable content, Atari has announced. Perfect for those, like myself, who enjoy a bit of dressing up in their spare time.

Bullet Witch

Bullet Witch

The wicked witch of the east.

Where you'll stand on Bullet Witch probably depends on where you stand on the charms of digital ladies - digital lady Goths, to be precise. This, you see, is a game that exists solely to justify its magnificent title, a geek-enslaving clash of consonants and concepts in inimitable Japlish style. And the title exists solely to justify the heroine, Alicia. Alicia dominates the screen at all times: a waif in satin and lace, all pearl-white limbs and pitch-black hair. And cocked hips, tattered Addams Family evening wear, and leggy cartwheels. And the biggest gun you've ever seen, bigger than she is: an ornate, gold-encrusted Regency cannon straight out of some warped steampunk hybrid of Final Fantasy and Serious Sam.

In short, Bullet Witch is Japanese fetish gaming in full effect. The cutscenes are terrible, the action is ludicrous, the skirts are split all the way to the top, you can download new costumes and there's a character in it called Maxwell Cougar. End of story, end of review: it's a tasty little something on the side for the gentleman with... particular tastes. Nothing to see here for those of you who like your gaming gunslingers dressed in stubble and Kevlar. Move along.

Except that's not quite all there is to it, because Bullet Witch is on the wrong console. PS2 is the natural home for this sort of thing, but Cavia's third-person shooter is a rare 360 exclusive from Japan, where it first appeared in July of last year. As such, it's tailored to a very specific subsection of the Japanese hardcore, one which likes its action games to come with some next-gen bells and whistles and a Western flavour.

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Atari signs Bullet Witch

360 action title heading west.

Atari has announced that it will bring Cavia's Xbox 360 action title Bullet Witch to Europe and North America, although it hasn't said when.