Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30

Dark Messiah 360 slips

But only a little.

Ubisoft has moved the release date for Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements, moving it back a few weeks to 7th December.

Brothers In Arms Wii slips

Dark Messiah 360 likewise.

Ubisoft's latest release schedule reveals that Brothers In Arms for Wii has slipped a month from 19th October to 23rd November.

Brothers In Arms Wii slips

Other versions still on track.

Ubisoft's latest release schedule reveals that Brothers In Arms: Double Time for Nintendo Wii will be released a month later than expected on 19th October. The game had previously been announced for release a month earlier, which is a month earlier than its release had previously been expected.

Brothers In Arms hit Wii, DS

Both due out this year.

Ubisoft and Gearbox plan to bring tactical shooter Brothers In Arms to both Nintendo Wii and DS this year, and both titles will make extensive use of their respective system's innovative control mechanisms.

Next-gen Brothers in Arms news

Gearbox CEO spills the beans.

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox, has revealed more of what we can expect from the next-gen instalment in the series.

FeatureUK Charts: GT4 holds off major releases

Strong debuts for Brothers in Arms, Championship Manager 5 and Resident Evil 4.

Polyphony Digital's PS2 exclusive racer Gran Turismo 4 has held on to the top spot in the UK sales chart this week, despite strong challenges from a host of new releases - four of which make it into the top ten ranking.