Brothers in Arms: Double Time

Brothers in Arms: Double Time

Brothers in Arms: Double Time

Missing in action.

The World War II shooter genre has yet to make itself essential on the Wii, with the best efforts on the console - Call of Duty 3 and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 - still only managing to scrape their way to disappointing 5/10 scores. Now it's the turn of Ubisoft's squad-based Brothers in Arms to take up the challenge.

Arriving on the Wii almost a year after it was first promised, Double Time is a conversion of both the original Road to Hill 30, and the follow-up, Earned in Blood. Both games are packaged separately inside a cardboard slipcase, giving the impression of a substantial experience. However, since both games focus on the same overly familiar territory of rural France during the D-Day landings, and feature most of the same characters doing much the same things, it's hard to really see them as distinct entities.

The games are supposedly narrative-driven - they're both "based on a true story" as the cover reminds us - but all this means is that the action is constantly interrupted for poorly staged cut-scenes rendered using the game engine. The graphics are fairly grim and rather undersell what little poignancy the trite story can muster. The attempts at depth and emotion just come across as a warmed over imitation of Saving Private Ryan, performed by balloon-faced mannequins. None of which helps distinguish the series from all the other wartime shooters that trade in the giddy thrill of shooting virtual Nazis, but then pull sad faces so we can pretend our vicarious sofa battles are somehow respectful to the men who actually fought and died all those years ago.

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