Breach & Clear

Breach & Clear review

Breach & Clear review

Knock, knock.

How one makes an entrance is important, so the saying goes, and presumably never more so than when you're employed as a member of the Special Forces. For these balaclava-shrouded soldiers, a poorly executed appearance in a villain's doorway could well be their last.

It's so important, in fact, that the simply act of entering a room has become a staple of military shooter games over the past few years. Take Modern Warfare for example, in which you press the X button to plant a brick of C4 on some bewildered door before, in dramatic slow motion, you tear through the debris to pick off enemies before their chairs hit the floor. Hugely expensive sections of the highest grossing video game series in the world essentially involve dramatically entering a room.

Now, in Beach & Clear, we have an entire video game dedicated to the art of making an entrance. You assume strategic control of four special operatives, trained in close quarters battle and experts in breaching a room and 'clearing' its inhabitants with a bullet to the head. At the start of each mission you're presented with a bird's eye view of the target building. Its floors are gridded, as in a strategy RPG or chess, and, having directed each of your soldiers to one of the building's entrances, you must select whereabouts you want each man to move to on your signal. By rotating a vision cone you may direct each unit's line of sight and attempt to cover all the angles in the room. Then, when the plan has been formulated, you issue your squad with the signal and sit back and watch in glee or horror as they execute your orders.

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