Borderlands News

Steam counters Borderlands 1 and 2 review-bombing

New measures appear to be working.

Gearbox confirms that Borderlands 3 will be its next game

Will tease sequel content in Battleborn DLC.

Borderlands fans get married during Gearbox PAX panel

"You're the Roland to my Lilith and there's nobody I'd rather spend my life with."

Borderlands creator departs from Gearbox

"I will always love Gearbox, but it's adventure time."

Humble Bundle offers up to 83 per cent off 2K games

Spec Ops: The Line is free with any purchase.

Borderlands 1 PS3 multiplayer restored

Following last year's GameSpy closure.

Borderlands PC multiplayer to be returned online via Steam

GameSpy server casualty getting new lease of life.

Gearbox unleashes a free browser-based Borderlands demake

Claptrap: "Go old skool and play the 1989 16-bit original to see how it all began."

Gearbox honours cancer victim in Borderlands 2

Fan's likeness to be an NPC, Claptrap reads eulogy.

EU PlayStation Store update 28th Sept

Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection MIA.

Grand Theft Auto 4 ships 22 million

Did you buy or Niko copy?

Borderlands 2 confirmed - source

Announcement soon. 2012 release.

Gearbox discarded Blade Runner IP

"Would have been the end of us."

Duke Nukem had "gay robot" sidekick

Plus: Randy Pitchford talks Borderlands 2.

Gearbox dismisses Borderlands 2 talk

"If we haven't announced it, it doesn't exist."

Borderlands 2 shows up on resume

Speculation points to E3 reveal.

T2: Grand Theft Auto IV sold 20 million

NBA 2K11, Borderlands 4 million.

Borderlands GOTY edition is Mac-bound

Pick it up from 3rd December

Borderlands level cap shoots up

New PC update fixes bugs too.

Steam Borderlands buyers get DNF demo

Gearbox spreads the love.

Borderlands GOTY out next Fri in UK

Includes DNF demo certificate.

Duke won't derail Borderlands plans

Gearbox committed to its other franchises.

Borderlands' level increase is free

Separated from Claptrap DLC.

Borderlands GOTY in October

All the DLC plus a fold-out map.

Fourth Borderlands add-on pack official

"The perfect bookend to the original game."

Pitchford shrugs off Borderlands DLC leak

Fourth add-on about Claptrap uprising.

Borderlands GOTY Edition spotted

Due out in September but not on PS3.

More Borderlands DLC planned

Take Two CEO pleased with results.

Borderlands DLC to get disc release

Update: first two packs only, next month.

Latest Borderlands DLC on Live now

PC and PSN following tomorrow.

Borderlands Knoxx DLC delayed

Out tomorrow on 360, says Gearbox.

New Borderlands DLC unveiled

More guns! Raised level cap! Etc.

New Borderlands DLC ups level limit

Biggest add-on yet, says Gearbox.

PAL PlayStation Store refreshed

Dark Void, Matt Hazard, Mad Moxxi, more.

Borderlands keeps Take-Two afloat

Publisher focuses on a strong 2010.

New Borderlands DLC detailed

Called Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.

Borderlands DLC finally launches on PC

Zombie Island available for $10.

Trophies reveal new Borderlands DLC

A trio of coliseum arenas to best.

Gearbox trademarks Borderworlds

Series to visit a different planet?

Gearbox discusses Borderlands ending

Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler.

Borderlands DLC to add another six hours

Dr. Ned roughly the size of a small zone.

Gearbox: Borderlands 2 is a "no-brainer"

But nothing planned yet, says Neumann.

First Borderlands DLC pack dated

This month on PS3/360, with PC to follow.

UK charts: PES 2010 overturns FIFA 10

Forza 3, Borderlands, SmackDown appear.

Forza 3, Borderlands early-birds banned

Microsoft tough on illegitimate owners.

Borderlands zombie DLC announced

Beefy expansion has Halloween theme.

Borderlands PC slips a week

End of October for FPS/RPG hybrid.

Pitchford talks up Borderlands DLC

Speed and volume will surprise, he says.

Gearbox clams on Halo 4 chatter

Boss Randy Pitchford fails to deny it.

Pitchford "terrified" to launch Borderlands

Launching original brand is "big risk".

2K pres: fewer triple-A games this year

"A good holiday to put something out."

Borderlands release date locked down

It's coming our way on 23rd October.

Gearbox can't promise Borderlands demo

Although it would love to do one.

E3: Borderlands arrives this October

Gearbox clutches a target.

New Borderlands art style shown

First screenshot backs bold claims.

Borderlands visuals won't be cel-shaded

Expect "Concept Art Style", says Pitchford.

Gearbox defends in-game ad deal

"Judge us from the result."

BioShock film and MMOG possible

Take-Two looking at Civ opportunities, too.

Gearbox discusses new project

"It's big." Needs "super senior" help.

Borderlands details crop up

2K officially publishing it.

Gearbox unveils Borderlands

"Diablo meets Mad Max".